20 Things Gov. Hope Uzodimma Could Be Celebrating As Achievement In His First 14 Months In Office

By Ogu Bundu Nwadike, M.A

Please, permit us to present in itemized list, the things that Senator Hope Uzodimma could afford to celebrate as his achievements in his first 14 months in office.

A careful study of them will show that Uzodimma could only celebrate leadership and governance failures and shortcomings as his achievements and accomplishments in his 14 months in office. Happy reading!

  1. Becoming governor through brazen roguery, with crass fraud and forgery.
  2. Fighting the opposition, fighting APC leaders and members, and engaging in major political wars at different fronts in the polity.
  3. Sacking one Speaker and one Majority Leader, while keeping deep in his pocket APC lawmakers in Imo State House of Assembly.
  4. Serving as defacto Executive Speaker, Executive Deputy Speaker, Executive Majority Leader of Imo State House of Assembly.
  5. Turning Imo State House of Assembly into a department of the Government House, Owerri.
  6. Failing to fulfill his broadcast promise of payment of salaries and pensions on or before the 25th day of every month.
  7. Non-payment of salaries and pensions to Imo workers and pensioners for months running.
  8. Traumatizing and confusing of Imo workers and pensioners over the true status of their unpaid salaries and pensions.
  9. Non-commencement of the payment of the new minimum wage of N30,000 to Imo workers and pensioners.
  10. Ending the Treasury Single Account (TSA) policy that was introduced by Governor Emeka Ihedioha, CON via Order 5.
  11. Chasing away contractors that were working on 25 major road construction sites, that won their contracts through due process, and never replacing them till date.
  12. Ending the progress of road construction of 380 kilometers of rural roads in the Rural Access Mobility Project (RAMP) initiated by Governor Emeka Ihedioha with the payment of the required counterpart funding.
  13. Abandoning the opening and development of rural areas that were started by Governor Emeka Ihedioha.
  14. Abandoning the construction of 27 mini-stadiums and 27 administrative secretariats in the 27 LGAs.
  15. Serving as Sole Administrator SOLAD of the 27 LGAs for his first 100 days in office, and not accounting for an alleged N15 billion allocations to the 27 LGAs.
  16. Sacking of a lot of Imo workers, with the sack of 108 ISOPADEC workers as point of reference.
  17. Abandoning of work on the four technical buildings in four Government Technical Colleges in the State.
  18. Enthroning the system of peddling lies, falsehood, propaganda, and blackmail against Imo people.
  19. Sustaining lies, falsehood, propaganda, and blackmail with craftiness, deceptions, diversions and distractions as leadership and governance delivery system, resulting in failures.
  20. Inviting the military to come to Imo State to aerially and terrestrials bombard civilians in the Orlu and Orsu areas of the State, leaving many dead, and destroying much property with arson.
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Of course, there are many negative achievements and accomplishments by Uzodimma which could justify his celebration of his woeful failures his first 14 months in office.

But for the dramatic effects, let the 20 itemized ones above suffice to serve as thoughts for food! Thank you.

By God’s grace, Imo State must be rebuilt!!

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