2021: Ndi Anambra Lets Go South

2021: Ndi Anambra Lets Go South

He who demands for equity must do so with clean hands. Believe you me if we allow equity, justice and fairness to prevail in our daily living, the world would have been a safe heaven.

You don’t expect one to be responsible without given him/her a responsibility that will in turn make them responsible.

In 2013, we all agreed and went NORTH in the interest of peace, equity and fairness. Going North was borne out of the brotherly love we all share so as to them know they are still part of Ndi Anambra.
And come 2017, we all came out enmasse again to support the North to complete their full tenure without interference thus the 21/21 victory given to the incumbent.

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All that happened was an affirmation of the whole of Ndi Anambra bearing in mind that come 2021, we will all go SOUTH as it will be their turn to give Ndi Anambra a thorough leadership that will rather consolidate on the already established developmental tempo.

Ndi Anambra, asi na uka akpalu akpa bu kwa nu isi ka eji ekwe ya makana emelu nwata ka emelu ibe ya, Obi adi ya nma.

I urge and implore all the political parties to not only Zone their Governorship tickets to the south but make sure also that it’s zoned to competence and more qualified persons that can be able steer the wheels of leadership.

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If we take into cognizance the past and serving Governors and their zones, we will actually know that it’s ripe for us all to go SOUTH…

And generally in going SOUTH, we will make sure we get the right candidate with the pedigree that has got the capacity and the wherewithal to take charge and do things as it ought to be.
Let’s be able to sieve out chaffs from the grain. In testing for the depth of a river, let’s not use our two legs.

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Going through the 21st century leadership chart of Anambra State.

1999- 2003….. 4years(South)

Going from the above, it’s evidently clear that for peace to reign and for the sake of equity and equal justice, we demand that power returns to the South, though power is not given but taken but when there is agreement and concord it makes the taking less difficult.

Ndi Anambra, in all we say that equity is justice and what we demand for is justice.

2021: Ndi Anambra Lets Go South
2021: Ndi Anambra Lets Go South
2021: Ndi Anambra Lets Go South
2021: Ndi Anambra Lets Go South


Hon Princess Bibiana Nwankwo

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