2023 Presidency: Two Reasons Saraki Should Step Down For Atiku

The Peoples Democratic Party PDP has made it clear to Nigerians that the Party will like to return the Presidential ticket to the north and the Presidential candidates that may likely get the ticket is either Atiku or Saraki. It should be recalled that both Atiku and Saraki çontested the last Presidential Polls at the PDP Primary Election and Atiku emerged as Presidential candidate of the Party. Atiku and Saraki are still relevant in the Party up till date.

However, The All Progressives Congress which is the ruling Party may likely Pick her candidate from the south, which could be southsouth, southeast and Southwest. Though, no one knows the Candidate that may likely emerge as Presidential candidate but the party will Pick the candidate from the south. It means that if the PDP should Pick her Presidential candidate from the north, the candidate will çontest against the APC candidate from the south.

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This is unlike the 2018 Presidential Polls where both the Peoples Democratic party PDP and the All Progressives Congress APC Picked their Presidential candidates from the North. With the outcome of Election, the APC has more edge than the PDP in the north. But the PDP has edge over the APC in the south. The fact is, only the Party that is popular in the North, will win the Presidential Election in the North.

The North has Nineteen States while the South has seventeen States. The Bond between the Nineteen States in the north is very strong. They always unanimously agree on Who is going to be voted as President when it comes to voting a Presidential candidate. It means their votes is always in bulk for a single Presidential candidate. Unlike the South that will split their votes for all the Presidential candidate çontesting the Presidential Polls.

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2 Reasons Saraki Should Step Down For Atiku Ahead 2023 Presidential Polls.

The First Reason is, Atiku Abubakr is more Popular in the country. He has everything to win the 2023 Presidential race. Atiku is Popular in the south and the northern Part of the country. He is an influential Politician within and outside the Party. Atiku will get large number of votes in the North compare to the votes Saraki will get. Atiku has developed so many People throughout the country both within and outside the Party. He married from the main three Tribes in the country. This shows Atiku is Popular among all the three Ethnic groups in the country. Atiku will pull more crowd than Saraki ahead the 2023 Presidential Polls.

The second Reason is, Atiku has financial strength than Saraki. Atiku Abubakr has enough money to finance Election than Saraki. Though, Both Atiku and Saraki have tried enough for the Party. Recalled that, Saraki is the chairman, reconciliatory committee of the Peoples Democratic Party PDP. Being the chairman of the committee, Saraki has been able to unite the agrieved Party members together. And Atiku has been the financial backbone of the Party, before and after the 2023 Presidential Polls.

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Atiku Abubakr has done well for the Party in the Past. He deserves the Presidential ticket in the Party. The only Presidential Aspirant among all the Aspirants that may give Atiku little Problem in the Party is Dr Bukola Saraki. But Saraki cannot get bulk votes the way Atiku will get it. Therefore, Saraki should give chance to Atiku, to Contest the Presidential Polls. Though, Saraki may also win the 2023 Presidential Election but Atiku Abubakr may have huge edge in the Poll than Saraki.

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