2023 presidency: Yoruba Youth Forum endorses Al’ Mustapha

The Yoruba Youth Forum (YYF) has called on the former Chief Security Officer (CSO) to late General Sani Abacha, Major Hamza Al Mustapha to contest the 2023 presidency in the country.
YYF in a statement in Ibadan by its  National President Comrade Abiodun  Olusegun Bolarinwa expressed its readiness to join other groups in mobilising support for the former CSO
YYF stressed that its decision to back the former CSO was based on the fact that, the group has discovered that “Major Al Mustapha is fit into the category of the caliber of those who  could lead Nigeria with its present condition.”

“To YYF, Major Al Mustapha, is like a rising star on the horizons whose rays are not just about to dim. We know his true worth and we are convinced about and bent that his pedigree can fetch him new political converts that would make him swing the next poll in his favour”, it said.

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YYF added that the situation in Nigeria has called for who could fix the country and bail it out  of the present decay without being sentimental  and parochial  about where  the person is from but the equality of the person.
The organisation stressed that it was convinced that with the ways Major  Al Mustapha   has handled the Nigerian project and his loyalty  to the cause of Nigeria, he would be a right  candidate  to aspire to govern Nigeria
Emphasising that YYF was not the only body suggesting the candidacy of Al’Mustapha for the Presidency, it stated that other youths that saw same quality in him have  been out in the  past that he is one of the down to earth person,  who could rule Nigeria with honesty of purpose.
Maintaining that YYF and others organisations that are bent on coercing  Major Al Mustapha for presidency believed that he has the capability to rule because he did not believe in the disintegration of Nigeria but her unity.

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It stressed that Al Mustapha believed that Nigeria would be great but needed a leader who is upright, detribalised, focused and not selfish and self centred to focus on a particular section or a particular ethnic of Nigeria, adding  that  Al’ Mustapha is considered as a leader and fighter of justice.

YYF pointed out that going by what he said in 2019 that if Nigerians want him to contest he will come out, that is the more reason that the organisation who have been studying the situation wants him to contest the presidency. 
He added that, “even Al’ Mustapha like other leaders in Nigeria has paid the huge price for nation building and just for the political system  which definitely  has now turned a good man to a criminal.”

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