Display Of Eastern Fortitude: Ohanaeze Ndigbo Lauds Southeast Peace Amidst National Turmoil


In the wake of nationwide uproar and agitation sparked by escalating living costs, economic distress, and famine, a resolute calmness emanates from the Old Eastern Nigeria, comprising the Southeast and South-South regions. The striking serenity and resolute silence amidst the prevalent anger and upheaval in the North and Southwest have left many, including the Presidency and the North, astounded. OHANAEZE NDIGBO, the preeminent Igbo socio-cultural organization and unwavering advocate for the Igbo people, commends the denizens of the Old Eastern region, particularly the Southeast, for their exceptional acumen and sagacity in abstaining from spearheading protests against President Tinubu and the Federal Government amid economic hardships.

Since the inception of the Buhari regime in 2015 to the current Tinubu administration, the Southeast has borne the brunt of governmental neglect and discrimination. Whether it be the Center’s exclusions, the wanton demolition of Igbo properties in Lagos without federal intervention, the systematic burning of Igbo markets in the Southwest, minimal federal ministerial appointments, or the unjust incarceration of Nnamdi Kanu juxtaposed with the favored treatment of figures like Sowore and Igboho, the injustices meted out to the Southeast are glaring.

As protests surge in Niger, Kano, Lagos, Osun, and Abuja, the absence of casualties or protester killings resulting from security intervention starkly contrasts with the haunting memories of Southeastern lives lost during past protests against Kanu’s detainment and the tragic Obigbo (Oyibo) Massacre in Rivers State.

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OHANAEZE NDIGBO stands in awe of the Southeast populace for their undaunted bravery and rare insight in weathering the storm. We stand in solidarity with all suffering Igbos and Nigerians, urging the Federal Government to overhaul President Tinubu’s floundering economic team with competent hands to salvage the crumbling economy before it collapses completely. Moreover, instead of issuing hollow threats to disillusioned citizens, the government should heed the voices of reason and implement the recommendations of the 2014 Constitutional Conference to quell the mounting dissent and rebellion.

The East stands firm like an unyielding rock amidst the turbulent national waters. Let this unwavering resolve of the Southeast serve as a clarion call for justice, equality, and reparation for the oppressed masses across the nation.

Mazi Okechukwu Isiguzoro

Secretary General, Ohanaeze Ndigbo

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