Tragic Revelations: Mohbad’s Father Exposes Naira Marley’s Alleged Role in Son’s Death, Sparks Outrage and Calls for Justice

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Baba Mohbad, the father of the late singer Mohbad, has made a shocking revelation about the circumstances leading up to his son’s death. In an emotional interview, he alleged that Naira Marley and his associate, Samlarry, were responsible for bullying and physically assaulting his son on multiple occasions.

According to Baba Mohbad, his son was terrified of Naira Marley and feared attending shows because of him. He recounted a disturbing incident where he visited his son at Naira Marley’s house, only to find him badly bruised and beaten by Naira Marley’s team. Despite his son’s pleas not to intervene, Baba Mohbad intended to confront Naira Marley but was deterred by the presence of aggressive dogs at the “Marlian House” that required an appointment to enter.

Baba Mohbad claimed that Naira Marley’s words implied he was aware of the bullying, stating, “they need to beat madness out of him.” He alleged that the constant fear and violence took a toll on his son’s life, leading to his tragic death. The father also shared an unsuccessful attempt to seek help from Oba Ikorodu, as they were unable to approach him due to a large crowd following Naira Marley.

This heart-wrenching account has sparked outrage and calls for justice for Mohbad. The music industry and fans are demanding accountability from Naira Marley and those involved in the alleged bullying and assault.

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