Demolished building: Ezemagu family only using blind man to wrestle land – Igwe Okwor

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The traditional ruler of Ihekwuenu autonomous community in Aku, Igbo-Etiti Local Government Area of Enugu State, Igwe Christopher Okwor, has dismissed claims by the Ezemagu family that he demolished a blind man’s building.

Okwor said that the renewed campaign against him was orchestrated by Nnamdi Ezemagu as a ploy to wrestle a disputed piece of land from him adding that Ezemagu frequently stirs public sentiment whenever the case which is pending in court is not in his favor.

He also said that the Ezemagu family had in the past vowed to dethrone him and they are throwing in everything within their reach to achieve their nefarious objective just because Chief Emmanuel Ezemagu, their father, lost the Igweship contest to him.

“The recent media reports about the demolition of the blind man’s house are a rehash of an incident from 2021, aimed at garnering public sympathy. I am saying for the umpteenth time that I did not demolish the blind man’s house.

Okwor recounted that when the initial incident occurred in 2021, the then-chairman of Igbo-Etiti Local Government Area, Nkechi Ugwu-Oju, provided N4 million for the construction of a new building for the blind man in an uncontested land. However, the Ezemagu family refused to use the funds.

“If they genuinely cared for the blind man, why insist on building on disputed land? This is not philanthropy but a strategy to claim the land. The blind man originally had a house that was demolished by the Ezemagu family, who then relocated him to the contested land,” Okwor continued.

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“The motive behind all these is that they want to dethrone me as Igwe. They said they will never accept the fact that I defeated their father in the contest for Igweship and as such, they are doing everything to see that I am removed.

That is even why this land issue started in the first place and that is why they are not relenting. But they have failed. They are setting me up by going to demolish the same house they are building for the blind man so that when they run to the media, people will be blaming me. It is not difficult to see through their scheming. But they cannot defeat the truth.

Igwe’s son, Chris Okwor, recounted how the issue began: “In 2021, a long-standing land dispute led to threats against my father from Nnamdi Ezemagu. After Emmanuel Ezemagu, his uncle lost the Igweship to my father, tensions escalated. Ezemagu began construction near my father’s building site, leading to physical altercations and police intervention.”

“Nnamdi Ezemagu falsely claimed that he had given land to my father and demanded that my father’s building be divided. Despite police orders to cease construction, Ezemagu continued building at night.

“Suddenly, we heard that the building has been pulled down and politicians who are unhappy with my father’s integrity used the situation to suspend him from his position, claiming turmoil in the community.”

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He said that the Ezemagu family rejected the financial aid provided by the former Local Government Chairman due to political motivations and promises of a House of Assembly slot. “Their actions were never about the blind man’s welfare but about securing the land and looking for situations to cause unrest in the community,” he said.

Chris noted that one of the blind man’s cousins, Mrs. Amuka, had evacuated him, expressing dissatisfaction with how the Ezemagu family exploited him for their personal gain.

“The ongoing attempts to raise public sentiment, according to Chris, are because the government is considering reinstating Igwe Okwor. I still recall that after Igwe’s suspension, the state government set up a committee to look into the matter, but unfortunately before the government could come up with their findings, the Ezemagu family brought police from Abuja and arrested him. They also went further to vandalise his house.

He alleged that Nnamdi Ezemagu habitually attacks and blackmails anyone who stands for the truth, highlighting instances of media attacks orchestrated by Nnamdi Ezemagu against those perceived to be telling the truth.

He said, “Dr. Malachy Ugwu was attacked for leading a delegation to notify former Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi about the N4 million aid by the former Chairperson of Igbo-Etiti LGA, Mrs. Nkechi Ugwu-Oju. Also Chinedu Okike, former DPO Ogbede, was attacked in the media for reporting the land dispute and its legal status to the Police authorities.

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“They also criticised the FCID Annex Enugu for investigating and charging Ezemagu and associates with various criminal offenses. The FCID Abuja was accused of bias for rejecting Ezemagu’s request to withdraw court cases and commence new investigations, including indefinite detention of Igwe’s son. They also went after Mr Emma Ochiagha- for advising all parties to steer clear of the disputed land, allowing the Umuezike community to intervene.”

Chris concluded by questioning why Nnamdi Ezemagu refuses to allow the police and independent arbitrators to perform their duties impartially.

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