Exposed 6 billions Naira Kogi Funds Exchange hands to influence Tribunal judgement

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A bombshell allegation has rocked the Kogi State Election Tribunal sitting in Abuja, as a pro-democracy group, Good Governance and Transparency, claims that the tribunal’s outcome has been compromised. According to a statement signed by Mallam Dauda Abdul, the group alleges that the tribunal’s verdict has been sold to the highest bidder for a staggering sum of N6 billion, taken from Kogi state allocation meant for development and payment of workers, to the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC).

The group claims that the money was delivered to the judges in hard currency, with some being exchanged for British pounds, US dollars, and Euros. This development, they claim, has undermined the very essence of democracy and reduced the election to an “advanced coup”. The group further alleges that this compromise has betrayed the trust of the people of Kogi State and undermined the integrity of the electoral process.

The coalition of civil society groups under the Good Governance and Transparency umbrella has expressed outrage and disappointment at the alleged compromise of the tribunal’s integrity. They demand an immediate investigation into these allegations and call for the tribunal to uphold justice and fairness in its ruling.

“This is a travesty of justice and a slap in the face of democracy,” said Mallam Dauda Abdul, spokesperson for the group. “The people of Kogi State deserve better than this. We demand that the tribunal takes immediate action to address these allegations and ensures that justice is served.”

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The Kogi State Election Tribunal has yet to respond to these allegations. The outcome of this development remains to be seen, but it has already sparked widespread concern and debate about the integrity of Nigeria’s electoral process. As the nation waits with bated breath for the tribunal’s response, many are left wondering if the allegations are true and what implications this could have for the future of democracy in Nigeria. One thing is certain: the people of Kogi State and indeed all Nigerians deserve free, fair, and credible elections, and any compromise of this fundamental right is unacceptable.

The allegations have raised questions about the independence and impartiality of the tribunal, and the ability of the electoral process to deliver credible outcomes. The people of Kogi State and indeed all Nigerians are watching closely to see how this situation will unfold, and demanding that justice be served and the integrity of the electoral process be upheld.

Mallam Dauda Abdul

For Good Governance and Transparency Group

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  1. The election tribunal needs to be up to date in there activity not money but to protect our democracy and people integrity.

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