Stakeholders Calls For Suspension Of EIU Election, Recusing Of Commissioner, As Eziowelle Leadership Tussle Deepens

Eziowelle Leadership Tussle Deepens

Key stakeholders of Eziowelle Improvement Union EIU have condemned the unfavourable approach deployed by its PG and the designated commissioner for town union matters towards amicable resolution of lingering communal dispute.

The EIU stakeholders in a letter dated 31st May, 2024 stated;



“Silence becomes cowardice when occasion demands speaking out the whole truth and acting accordingly” – Mahatma Gandhi.

Mr. Governor, we have been reliably informed that Barr. Titus Akpudo, the Former President General Eziowelle Improvement Union and the commissioner for Local Government, Chieftaincy and Community Affairs, Mr. Tony Collins Nwabunwanne have again surreptitiously scheduled a purported meeting with some alleged stakeholders of Eziowelle Improvement Union on the aforementioned date without extending invitation to the leadership of three (3) branch chairmen and secretaries of Onitsha, Lagos and Abuja, who by the provisions of Article xvi (c) and (d) of Eziowelle Improvement Union Constitution (1992) are bona-fide Executive Members of the Union.

We have complained severally to you on this matter, bearing in mind the the possibility of fallacious information which may have been presented to the State Government about the true situation of things in Eziowelle Community.

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“Whatever is in the dark, must come to light”.
… Bob Marley.

We also would like to bring to your notice that Barr. Titus Akpudo, the Former President General Eziowelle Improvement Union (EIU), has succeeded in dragging the Traditional Ruler of our Community into his absolutist power mentality by using Igwe’s Letterhead Paper to invite the Ministry for the conduct of Town Union Election when the main branches have not been duly informed.

The Right to fair hearing is the only way to prevent miscarriage of Justice and it is an essential part of a just society. There cannot be peace in a community where the former president general bluntly and boastfully refused to follow the constitutional provisions and conduct Town Union election at the end of his Two-Terms in office, spanning from June 27th, 2015 to June 30th, 2021. The truth will definitely the revealed and we will be vindicated at last.

“Without Justice, there can be no peace”.
… Nnamdi Azikiwe

We cannot in our faintest imagination fanthom why Barr. Titus Akpudo, and Commissioner for Local Government, Chieftaincy and Community Affairs are still playing the ostrich in this matter. Like we have complained severally, so it seems there is a deliberate plan to deny us participation in the meeting by refusing to inform us and on time too.

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There also may have been deliberate circumvention of relevant documents and “Elements of downright deceptions” from those in position of trust and power.

We would like Mr. Governor to please come to the aid of Eziowelle Community, by resolving this constitutional crisis before conducting any Election. We are simply in a fix.

We are appealing to Mr. Governor to direct Mr. Commissioner to recuse himself from Eziowelle matter, since he has shown ineptitude in handling it, properly.

Mr. Governor can also set up “Panel of enquiry” to investigate the illegalities in Eziowelle Improvement Union under the leadership of the former PG, Barr. Titus Akpudo.

Finally, we appeal to the State Government, to direct Mr. Commissioner to put on hold any Town Union Election until the issues raised in our several letters are thoroughly investigated and effectively handled.


Mr Ezenwa Azie and Barr Ekene Arubulueze for Abuja Branch.

Mr Anthony Oragui and Comrade Chukwubuike Okafor for Lagos Branch.

Mr Chimezie Chukwuka and Mr Chukwudi Okeke for Onitsha Branch.

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