Pyrates Confraternity Launches Fire Safety Campaign with Enugu Fire Service

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The National Association of Seadogs, also known as the Pyrates Confraternity, Enugu State chapter, has partnered with the Enugu State Fire and Rescue Service to enhance fire safety, security, and prevention mechanisms throughout the state.

The Enugu State chapter president of the National Association of Seadogs, Joe Mazeli, made this known to newsmen on Monday through a press statement that he personally signed and distributed.

He stated that part of the reason behind this partnership is to jettison the attitude of shifting blame during fire incidents in the state and equip the denizens with the basic knowledge of firefighting skills to prevent and combat its occurrences.

Mazeli emphasized the importance of adhering to safety protocols and regulations to safeguard lives and properties.

He highlighted that the seminar conducted by the Enugu State Fire Service was an eye-opener for the members of the Pyrates Confraternity, revealing that small precautions often overlooked can significantly enhance public safety.

He lamented the general negligence of safety manuals and instructions, which he described as a height of carelessness.

Mr. Mazeli also explained how the Pyrates Confraternity, Enugu Chapter, further extended their fire safety awareness campaign to the Timber Market in Abakpa, Enugu State, where traders were educated on maintaining constant vigilance and exercising caution to prevent fire outbreaks.

He stressed that securing the society against fire incidents is a collective responsibility, urging citizens to remain vigilant as prevention is far cheaper and more effective than remediation.

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Additionally, Mazeli commended the Enugu State Government for its support of the Fire Service but called for further investment in Rapid Response Fire Vehicles, separate water stations, and the revitalization of old fire water storage pipes in the city.

The statement reads “

” Enugu State Fire Service and Pyrates Confraternity: A Partnership for the Safety of Lives and Properties”

In line with the ideals of partnering with like-minded individuals and organizations, the National Association of Seadogs aka Pyrates Confraternity, Enugu Chapter, has gone into an endearing partnership with the Enugu State Fire Service in order to domesticate the intricacies of fire safety, security, and prevention mechanisms within their domiciled community. As a people, it has been established that we’re very good at shifting blame and responsibilities. While we acknowledge the fact that the Government has a role to play in policy direction, the citizens also need to complement the government’s efforts.

The seminar by the men of the Enugu State Fire Service to members of the Pyrates Confraternity was an eye-opener. It was an opportunity where little things we take for granted are actually a panacea to the safety and welfare of the people. Adhering to set rules and regulations remains the key to securing our lives. The typical Nigerian, as we often joke about, seldom reads manuals of items or gadgets. That’s the height of carelessness.

The takeaway for public consumption:

  1. There is a fire triangle that must be present before an object can be set ablaze. They are: Combustible or flammable material + oxygen + heat. Once any of these is lacking, a fire incident will not take place! Meaning that removing the combustible material or starving the fire of oxygen or cooling the heat, fire will not take place!
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Causes of fire accidents are:

  1. Carelessness which is mostly seen in unattended cooking pots and pans, cooking stoves, and gas cookers.
  2. Wrongly/carelessly-placed flammable liquids, gases, paints, adhesives, gunpowder, chemicals, candles, matchboxes, lighters within the reach of children, among others.
  3. Failing to replace damaged electrical conductors or change-over switches, overloaded sockets and extension cords, blown fuses.
  4. Faulty wiring, malfunctioning of electrical devices, and loose electrical connections.
  5. Careless use of or unattended heating devices like irons, space heaters, water heaters, hair straighteners/stretchers, hair dryers, etc.
  6. Improper disposal of used or empty inflammable materials/containers (perfume, insecticide, gum, hair cream) or accumulation of rubbish in the garage or basement or anywhere in the house.
  7. Improperly extinguished discarded cigarettes, indiscriminate bush burning especially in the dry season.
  8. Use of mobile phones close to a generator or a filling station, pouring fuel into the fuel tank of a generator in use, and pouring kerosene into a burning/hot lantern or stove.
  9. Use of burning candles close to flammable (gas, fuel, etc).
  10. Storing fuel inside containers especially in vehicles and careless manual filling of car fuel tanks.
  11. Use of wrongly/improperly-labelled chemicals.
  12. Wrong/poor use of protective garments/insulators (rubber, slippers or shoes, goggles, etc.) while using or repairing electrical appliances.
  13. Wielding gas tanks and cylinders, over speeding on the roads.
  14. Willfully setting a flammable/combustible material or a place ablaze in order to cause damage or to cover up an offense(s).
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This synergy led the team to a fire awareness campaign at the popular Timber Market, Abakpa, Enugu State. The traders were well briefed on the need for being extra careful and effectively maintaining constant vigilance.

It is expected that securing our society against fire incidents depends on how careful each member of society is. Nothing should be taken to chance, because it is cheaper to prevent and costly to treat or amend.

On the other hand, the Enugu State Government deserves our praise for its support towards the Enugu State Fire Service. However, efforts should be expended in purchasing more of the Rapid Response Fire Vehicles, provision of separate water stations, and re-inventing the old fire water storage pipes in the streets of the city.

The National Association of Seadogs aka Pyrates Confraternity, Enugu Chapter, has volunteered to serve as Fire Marshalls in bridging the information gap between the people and the agency, and also in reducing the time for response and sensitization. Our society can only be better if we all contribute our quota towards its development and safety.

Joe Mazeli
Chapter President
NAS/PC Enugu Chapter

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