Ohanaeze Youth Council Backs Anioma State, Rejects Orlu, Etiti States

Ohanaeze Youth Council

The Ohanaeze Youth Council (OYC) has rejected the creation of Orlu and Etiti States, instead urging support for the creation of Anioma State. This decision is based on principles of equity, justice, and fairness. The OYC commends Senator Ned Nwoko for his bill seeking the creation of Anioma State, which would balance out the political landscape in the southeast geopolitical zone.

The council argues that the creation of Anioma State would address political marginalization, promote national unity, and integrity. They believe that the proposed Anioma State has the same ethnic groups and political history as other states in the southeast, making it a logical addition to the region.

The OYC calls on proponents of Orlu and Etiti States to abandon their bills and support the creation of Anioma State. They also urge Igbo political leaders, traditional rulers, and leaders to rally behind Senator Nwoko’s bill.

The council warns that anyone pushing for the creation of Orlu or Etiti States does so at their own peril and without the support of Igbo youths. They appeal to patriotic members of the National Assembly to see the creation of Anioma State as a means to achieve regional political balance and national equity, calming agitation in the southeast.

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