Senator Ifeanyi Ubah’s Vision for a Global Igbo Voice in the Media Space

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…As a veritable tool for the preservation of igbo values, culture and tradition

The senator representing Anambra South Senatorial District, Senator Dr Ifeanyi Ubah, CON, recently organised a media retreat for Youths drawn from the 21 local government areas of Anambra state including members of the Ubahnation Media Centre, media influencers from the APC Anambra, and several other invited youth groups.

The two day event left an indelible memory on the minds of the participants and has continued to reverberate across the state.

It is common knowledge in the state that the distinguished senator has consistently organised seminars and empowerment programmes for the members of his media team at the Ubahnation Media Centre.

But not many are aware that the vision of the idea bearer senator and human capacity builder goes far and beyond Anambra state alone.

The founder of Afa Igbo Efuna movement is quietly going about his mission of establishing a voice for Ndi Igbo in the global media space and like the popular saying, Rome was not built in a day , he has set about this mission by gradually building and mentoring a coterie of young minds on the media space while the 5 story building that is set to house the first digital igbo centric television house from the southeast is presently at the finishing stages.

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Senator Dr.Ifeanyi Ubah’s mission of setting up a digital TV house that will compete on the international space with the likes of Al-Jazeera, CNN and the rest , whose set objective is to project Igbo culture and tradition to the global stage is gradually becoming a reality and many of these young minds presently undergoing tutelage under his care will serve as pioneers in various capacities when the digital Television gets fully operational.

Senator Dr.Ifeanyi Ubah CON, an Idea bearer and human capacity builder, is on an ambitious mission to establish a robust media presence that showcases Igbo culture, values, and traditions to the world.

This vision aims to create a global platform that amplifies the Igbo voice, challenges stereotypes, and promotes a positive narrative of Ndigbo.

Some key aspects of his vision include:

  • Establishing a digital TV house that competes with international media giants like Al-Jazeera and CNN,
  • Creating a hub for Igbo-centric content that showcases the rich cultural heritage and traditions of the Igbo people from across the globe where they reside,
  • Mentoring young minds to become players in the media industry, promoting Igbo excellence and talent.
  • Providing a platform for Ndi Igbo to share their stories, experiences, and perspectives, fostering a sense of community and unity by taking the cameras to their various places of residence across the globe and showcasing their events,
  • Countering negative stereotypes and misconceptions about the Igbo people, promoting a positive and accurate representation.
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The upcoming digital TV house, currently almost completing construction, will serve as a voice and beacon for Igbo excellence in the media space.

Senator Dr Ifeanyi Ubah’s commitment to empowering young minds and promoting Igbo culture is unwavering. His vision has the potential to inspire a new generation of media professionals, challenge prevailing narratives, and foster a stronger sense of Igbo identity and pride.

As the project progresses, its impact will undoubtedly resonate across the globe, by shaping a brighter future for Ndi Igbo and cementing Senator Ubah’s legacy as a champion of Igbo excellence.

Indeed Afa Igbo Agaghi Efu.

As we go to church today, may we all remember to say a prayer of God’s protection on this rare breed of a man whose burning desire to leave a legacy of renaissance and growth for our dear state and region is unparalleled.

Happy Sunday, Folks.

Kamen Chuks
Abuja, Nigeria

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