El-Rufai Mocks Uba Sani on X, Faces Backlash Over Waste Management

El-Rufai Mocks Uba Sani on X

Former Governor Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna has been knocked on social media for taunting his successor, Governor Uba Sani, on X.

An X user with the handle @IU_Wakilii had shared pictures of Governor Sani and heaps of refuse in Kaduna.

“They thought we were kidding when we said that in just a few months, Governor Uba Sani had changed Kaduna completely. This is the type of change we are getting from the best Governor in Nigeria 😂,” he captioned the post.

Reacting, El-Rufai wrote: “From God we all came, and to Him we shall all return.”

His comment, however, elicited reactions from X users as many regarded the former governor’s reaction as an attempt to ridicule his successor.

Many X users lashed out at El-Rufai over the problem of waste management under his administration.

An X user @NMnasan said: “Please, just explain to us what and what you did with $350m foreign loan?”

Another user, @FS_Yusuf_ stated: “Oga, your wail no dey reach us for back seats. Shout harder. The dirt you didn’t clear, he is clearing them for you.”

@Sports_Doctor2 wrote: “But sir, these images are from your time, there are images of these piles of rubbish from way back in 2016!!!!”

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