3 Days To Election: Voting Buhari And APC Out Is A National Task

Mr President has failed to perform 3% of his promises.
Before he became the President of our country, I never saw hope in him but failure and incompetence. I tried to google on his previous and recent developments and positive contributions and achievements in the country  before he emerged as a president but I saw nothing.  Many people were busy shouting on top of their voice *CHANGE!* Indeed,  we have experienced his so-called *change* and have seen that it wasn’t favourable to 89% of Nigerians.

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My question then was; How can someone who lack profound skill of leadership, legislative ability and managerial acumen leads the country? *Mr President has failed the Nigerians*

*Voting Buhari out is a national task because he has failed to perform in all ramifications!*

The security level in Nigeria is nothing to write home about. Those who were trained to provide us  security now turn to be our oppressors.  What is Nigeria turning into? This is our chances to say no to insecurity in our country. This is our chances to get Nigeria working again.

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*Support Atiku/Obi for Better Security*

*The youngest professor*

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