4 Obstacles To Restructuring The Country

4 Obstacles To Restructuring The Country

Senator Shehu Sani says these are the obstacles to restructuring of the country. Guys do you agree with him?

Four obstacles to restructuring;

The North See it as a South West Agenda.

The fear that it’s only about control of oil resources.

The fear of loss of political patronage,territory & economic privileges.

Opportunism & lack of political will & courage by d Past & present Govts.

Senator Shehu Sani
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  1. What if the north were to be a different and autonomous country? Won’t they strive to survive? Are there no countries without such resources that the north possess in the world?. However, there is no single region in Nigeria that God had not blessed even every individual states only that our leaders and governors are so lazy, and could not look inward to see how God had blessed them and how such blessings and challenges could be turned into advantage for them. Let each region look inward and utilize their resources to develop their region which in turn could create healthy rivalry like the days of Azikwe, Awolowo, and Amadu Bello. Let them emulate the United Arab Emirates which allows every emirates to develop independentlt . With that, there will be peace and development in Nigeria thank you

  2. The northern fears are not real but mere misconceptions burn out of their (northern) perceived maltreatment to other parts of Nigeria. Restructuring should be a worthwhile opportunity as it was a healthy competition between the regions before crude was discovered as main stay of Nigeria economy. We should remember that Agriculture is the way to go. God bless Nigeria!

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