How Creation Of Biafra Will Help Nigeria

The creation of biafra has many advantages to both countries namely ;
(1) it will create peace
(2) speed up economic development of the Ecowas region.
(3) biafra will spend money for research and development the results will be in the best interest of the region.

(4) Nigeria will see a faster circle of growth and pursuit of unity with other tribes.

Better management of resources.

Lots of advantages.

Allow our people to go peacefully and Nigeria will be better organized.

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Our vision of Biafra
We will not accept mediocrity and shall accept anything upon which Nigeria stood for such as follows ;
Religious bigotry
Insensitive of government

Biafra shall be managed under department of states no remnants of colonialism no ministry of this and that.

First class institutions shall be introduced and better system of allocation for equity.

Our system if government shall be more solution focused and community base system.

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The value of individual and family shall be backbone of our society.

BY Chike chime Esq

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