5 Questions Nnamdi Kanu Asked Nigerians During His Broadcast Yesterday

Nnamdi Kanu Broadcast

The leader of the indigenous people of Biafra(IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, asked some questions during his broadcast yesterday 4/2/21. Broadcasting on multiple platforms such as Youtube, Radio App and his website, Kanu asked the following:

1) Since 2014, I have been warning Nigerians that Fulani herdsmen are on the march, that they will come to kill, rape and take over people’s lands. They said I want to cause war, they said I want to destabilise Nigeria. All I said, isnt it happening today?

2) Anyone criticising me for setting up ESN, anyone who is saying that ESN has no legal backing like Amotekun, I ask you this. If your parents are being killed, your sister is being raped and your land is being taken over, will you first defend your parents, your sister and your land? Or will you first go to look for legal backing?

3)In 2017, IPOB had no guns and killed nobody, the government declared a military expedition that came to the East to kill us and tag us terrorist. Today, Miyetti Allah and the herdsmen are armed and killing people all over Nigeria. Not only has no military expedition gone after them, and no talk of tagging them them terrorists, you actually have government defending them. So why do you want me to be part of a country where such injustice prevails?

4) Yoruba journalism is evil. I have many Yoruba friends that I respect, but most Yoruba journalists are  about hypocrisy and brown envelope. Whenever they write about me, they say I am a fugitive who jumped bail. Yet they have seen the video of the Nigerian Army storming my house to kill me. They have seen pictures of those killed in my house. They know all of this is wrong and illegal, but they cannot tell the truth. One wonders why they have become such hypocrites?

5) In 2014 and 2015, some people kept shouting “an ex-general is what we need!”. You finally got you ex- general, where is Nigeria today?

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