5 Slangs That Originated From Naira Marley And Their Meanings

Naira Marley

Naira Marley is one of the most influential musicians In the country. He has released a lot of hit tracks that have won the hearts of many Nigerians. He creates his slangs and uses them to make good music making his songs unique. Below are 5 slangs that originated from Naira Marley and their meanings.

1. Mafo

Mafo became popular in the year 2019 through the hit song ‘Mafo’. It is a Yoruba word that means ‘Do Not Be scared’. The slang is used to reduce fear and give confidence to a person. This slang is still in use on the streets.

2. Opotoyi

Naira Marley started the slang Opotoyi in the year 2020 with his hit song titled ‘Opotoyi’. The Yoruba slang is used to describe how much a person has. It is also used to describe how much a woman is beautiful or how endowed she is.

3. Japa

This is another slang that was Invented by the Marian president. It means to run to safety or to run for dear life. Naira Marley made it popular through his hit track titled Japa. Many are still using the slang on the streets.

4. Opor

Poor was a made been used on the streets but Naira Marley made it popular after he used it in several songs. It is a to run a word which means ‘It is plenty’. It is used to describe the amount of money or properties or belongings one has. It is the short form for ‘opotoyi’

5. Mofoti

Mofoti became popular in 2020 when it was used by Naira Marley in a song. It became popular months after the slang ‘Mafo’ was introduced. Mofoti means the same as Mafo but it is another way of saying it. It means ‘I fear not’ or ‘I do not fear.

Which other Naira Marley slangs do you know?

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