50,000 Ebonyians Captured In The On Going N-Power Registration – Ebonyi State Govt

50,000 Ebonyians Captured In The On  Going N-Power Registration - Ebonyi State Govt

The Ebonyi state Commissioner for Human Capital Development and Monitoring and Focal Person, Social Investment Programmes, Mrs Ann Aligwe stated this yesterday 15th July 2020 in an interview in Abakaliki the Ebonyi state capital

Aligwe said the state is targeting to register about 500,000 Ebonyians between the ages of 18-35 years that will benefiting from this year’s N-Power program .

She encouraged Ebonyians living in rural areas to visit their local government council headquarters and register. Noting that Ebonyi state government has provided laptops, Wi-Fi, data subscription, scanners to make sure that those in rural areas are captured and enrolled free of charge in this year’s Batch C N-power program

Aligwe said her Ministry is already collaborating with Ministry of Internal Security and boarder Peace to arrest those suspected to be extorting money from unsuspecting members of the public promising them that their names will make this year’s N-power list

Akelicious news gathered that Aligwe said the only satisfied N-Power office in Ebonyi state is in the Ministry of Human capital development and in the 13 Local Government Areas which are cited within the local government Secretariats

In words: “our N-Power registration by the grace of God, we have captured up to 50,000 Ebonyians because His Excellency, the Governor, Engr. David Nweze Umahi really provided for us. He made sure that he bought laptops, Wi-Fi, data subscription, scanners, all those things that are required to make sure that we do serious data capturing and enroll Ebonyians into the N-Power Batch C.
“So, we are really on with it and a lot of people have been coming for the online registration. As I’m talking to you now, we have registration points from the 13 Local Government Areas of Ebonyi state where people who cannot come out to register are captured in those points close to them.”
“Why we are doing all these things is to make sure that Ebonyians are not left out and if you can listen to your radio, both EBBC and Radio Nigeria, it’s being announced six(6) times in a day. So that awareness us being created steadily because we are aware that we have many fraudsters on the streets, in different business centres. So, they are always ready waiting like devouring lions looking for people to defraud.”
“Some will tell you to pay #1,000, some will say #2,000, some #4,000 that they will make sure that your name is enrolled and I even went online by 7:30 on Saturday in the night to educate our people that those things are false.”
“N-Power registration is free of charge, we are not required to pay anything. Federal Government made it free and there is no way you will be trying to empower somebody and you will be telling that person to pay, which means that person doesn’t need empowerment.”
“So if you really have people who are in need, you will help them. You will not need to collect money from them. We have been warning people and we have even contacted Commissioner for Security so that his men will go to the streets and different business centres; if they get anybody who is collecting money from people, they should be arrested because as far as we are concerned, it’s free of charge.”
“This N-Power is a six(6) weeks program. We told them to be submitting the weekly print out of all the people that have registered. We normally batch them local government by local government. We created a filing system for them so that we will have all those things in our data system, anytime it is needed we will just upload straight.”
“The ones we have registered and recorded, we normally upload straight to Abuja to make sure that Ebonyians are not left out. My target is that I want to make sure that about 500,000 Ebonyians, the youths between the ages of 18-35years benefit from this N-Power program.”
“We also have other programs on board like the NDE program but those ones are both for graduates, non-graduates, artisans who are between the ages of 18-35years but in N-Power, it’s more categorized. We don’t have any registration point at lot 3, International Market. it’s fraud. The only satisfied N-Power office in Ebonyi State is in this Ministry of Human capital development and those points that are being opened in the 13 Local Government Areas which is cited within the local government Secretariat.”
“So how can you go and put a registration point inside the market. As far as I’m concerned, it is illegal and I have sent people to pretend to be part of the people coming for registration so that we can really nip on those people defrauding people.”
“There are lots of empowerments in the state and Federal Governments. Since 2015 that His Excellency came on board, he started empowerment of tricycle where they bought tricycles and went to Onitsha to distribute to Ebonyians who were there; the empowerment of the Police Officers’ Wives, the Chief Security Officers’ Wives that were given #250,000, some were given #500,000 for businesses. We also have empowerment of Sienna buses where His Excellency bought Sienna buses and distributed to different people. We also have empowerment of that of Agric, a lot of things.”
“We have been under empowerments, we are just hear to make sure that we fine tone them and make sure that we really make this ministry to fly more what it was before to make sure that at the end of His Excellency’s tenure, Ebonyians will be very happy and that was what pushed me to the creation of Ekubaraoha Millionaire’s Club where we have a target of 60,000 Ebonyians to become millionaires come 2023.”
“They have all applied, it was because of this COVID-19 that we stopped, because His Excellency has already provided the money that we are to give them. We are giving them one million naira, some will get more than that for businesses. We see that you have a registered business and that if we empower you with that money you are really going to make use of it very well and that us why in our office it is attached ‘Human Capital Development and Monitoring.”
“As we give you the money, we monitor you on monthly basis to make sure that you are really using that money for what it is meant for. I have been telling all Ebonyians that there is hope. Ones there is life, there is hope and I know that by the grace of God they will all smile because the foundation has been built and once you build a solid foundation, I don’t think the house will ever collapse.”
“We are all out, reaching out to different organizations. We have even contacted the Aliko Dangote’s empowerment team. We have also contacted the Danjuma team. We have contacted different World Bank Agencies I know. All those things, we are really planting seeds and we know that very soon the harvest will start coming, everybody will shine.”

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