60% of Americans Think Biden’s Doing a Bang-Up Job as President-Elect


At last calm and confidence have returned to our beleaguered republic: The Hill reported Wednesday that His Fraudulency President-select Joe Biden is doing a terrific job, as a comfortable margin of Americans have determined: “Six in 10 voters approve of the job Joe Biden is doing as president-elect, a new Hill-HarrisX poll finds. Sixty percent of registered voters in the Dec. 10-14 survey said they approve of Biden’s job as President-elect. By contrast, 40 percent of respondents disapprove.” The man isn’t even in office yet, but the proud, independent, adversarial press just can’t wait to go back to being obsequious sycophants for the Leftist in power.

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After all, the poll itself is ridiculous on its face. 60% of Americans approve of the job that Biden is doing as president-elect? And what job is that? Holding a few press conferences, taking a few questions from bootlickers and ignoring tougher questions? Appointing some of the exponents of the multiply-failed establishment foreign policy, so that they can fail again and gather a few more plaudits from the self-congratulatory establishment media for doing so?

The President-elect is just waiting for time to pass, and preparing for his administration. No matter how smashing his appointments (Biden’s aren’t) and how Confucian his pronouncements (Biden’s aren’t, but there is a certain Chinese influence), he hasn’t been in office for even a single day yet, and has no achievements whatsoever on which he can be evaluated.

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So what was The Hill trying to do by running this poll and trumpeting their man as the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful president-elect we’ve ever known in our lives? Whatever was going on in their conformist, statist little minds, the implications of the poll are obvious: Joe Biden will be hailed as the most magnificent of presidents no matter what he does. The same “journalists” who went after Trump like pit bulls at every conference, demanding he explain jokes and offhand remarks as if they were policy statements, account for assertions they considered false, and issue mea culpas for having destroyed America, will now fawn over Old Joe as if he were the second coming of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, John Fitzgerald Kennedy and Barack Hussein Obama rolled into one, only more so.

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There is much more. Read the rest here.

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