7 Things You Need To Know About First Day Kiss

  1. Don’t close your eyes before your lips touch, you’ll both tilt you heads the same direction and smash noses, or glasses.
  2. Don’t try to hug at the same time. Hug first, or you’ll get all tangled up in arms and elbows and be giggling too much to remember the first point.
  3. Brush Your Teeth, Floss, Scrape your tongue (lot of gunk there).
  4. Don’t eat garlic or other strong tasting foods, unless you both have it, then you won’t notice.
  5. Don’t try to lick the back of their throat on the first kiss. Tends to freak people out.
  6. Go slow, don’t panic, remember to breath at least twice per minute or you will blackout.
  7. Ignore 1–5 and just smash your lips together till it feels good!
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Good luck!

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