7 Ways To Take Care Of Your Skin Without Spending A Dime

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Skincare is of utmost importance to every individual in the world but taking care of our skin sometimes isn’t a priority due to conflicting demands on our time and finances. Since our skin is a reflection of how are on the inside; a mirror showcasing the stress and wear of the life we live daily it is of vital importance that we take out time to pamper our skin as frequently as possible. 

Below are a few ways to care for your skin without spending a kobo 
1. Shorten Your Shower 
Taking long showers everyday can actually strip your skin of its natural oils. Practice taking short showers and moisturize immediately after drying off. 
2. Slay in Your Sunnies 
.Skincare expert Dr. Imahiyerobo-Ip says “always wear your sunglasses. The skin around the eyes is the thinnest skin on our bodies and is very susceptible to damage from UV rays. Wearing sunglasses will help prevent fine lines and wrinkles as well as skin cancer.” 
3. Ice Cubes 
The Coded skincare trick making the rounds in beauty circle is the power of Ice Cubes. It involved rubbing ice cubes on your face create the illusion of firmer, glowy skin, after taking a lukewarm 10minds shower. It is advised though, that you put on a skin barrier first, like a cream, oil or even yogurt from the fridge before applying the ice cubes.
4. Put In What You Take Out 
Water and exercise is great for your skin but be cognizant of the balance between your water intake and water loss. According to Dr. Helen Knaggs, Vice President of Global Research and Development at Nu Skin, having more or less of either one is what contributes to dry skin. 
5. Accept Changes 
Yes you will have breakouts or sudden skin rashes any more at one point or the other in life. The simply rule to help you out on the other end with your great skin is to accept it and leave it alone. Covering it with more makeup or going on a frantic beauty product spree may leave you worse off. Zhao says, “for example, anything that occurs right before your period, such as cramps, breast tenderness, blemishes, bloating is considered pre-menstrual syndrome.” 
6. Reduce Caffeine and Salt Intake
 Limiting salt, caffeine, and cutting out sugar will help reduce skin and body’s water retention, which in turn will help tremendously in reducing bloating. 
7. Less is more! 
Your skin naturally knows what to do to rejuvenate, so sometime it best to leave your skin especially your face as God intended it. Simply wash your face with a mild moisturising soap and leave it be.
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