9th Assembly: CLO urges Nigeria’s restructuring


The Civil Liberties Organisation (CLO) has told the incoming National Assembly to make laws that would engender Nigeria’s restructuring.

The group said that restructuring some aspects of the 1999 Constitution would decentralise Nigeria’s wealth.

The Chairman of the CLO in Lagos State, Mr Ehi Omokhuale, made the call in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos on Thursday.

According to him, decentralizing the country’s wealth will ensure self-reliance for citizens and provide equal opportunities for everyone.

“The 9th assembly members should make laws that will compel a restructuring of the aspects of our constitution that will decentralise our wealth.

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“There are different classes of citizens not equally endowed. That is why Section 16 (1) prescribes equal economic opportunities.’’

He noted that the imbalance in the management of the country’s wealth had caused suspicion, frustration and resistance in the administration of the nation.

Omokhuale expressed his regrets that Nigeria’s constitution favoured a few, pointing out that there were also inequality in housing opportunities and in disbursing business loans.

He argued that business loans were mostly granted to rich people and political allies and that the loans were hardly paid back, noting that micro, small and medium businesses were often ignored.

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The activist suggested that states and Local Government Councils should be made stronger than the centre as they were at the attainment of the country’s independence.

He said that every region should also be allowed to develop its resources and contribute to the centre, urging the National Assembly to also make laws that would make governance less expensive.

“The full time nature of Nigerian politics has made it a “do or die” affair as it has become a most lucrative industry in our country.

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“If professionals in Nigerian politics finish their tenure or lose elections, they should naturally return to their jobs.’’

Omokhuale argued further that if politics was made to be on part-time basis, the humongous allowances and pay packages of lawmakers would be greatly reduced.

He said that the allowances when reduced, would go a long way in funding the country’s budget, instead of depending on foreign loans and grants.

The CLO chief also called for the digitalisation of Nigeria’s electoral processes to curb election rigging, vote buying, violence and other electoral malpractices.

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