A 27 Years Old Man Raped 10 Years Old Girl In Osun State

Mr Fatai Gbodorogun who lived around Ile Ayo, Iperin area of Ila Orangun was accused to have allegedly raped a 10 year old girl named Mohammed Mariam. The mother of the little victim died some years ago, hence the father and aunt had been taking care of the young girl and her siblings.
On the day of the incident that he was finally caught (5th May,2020) the father of the victim went to the farm,the aunt (who is a retired nurse) was also out to sell some goods while the other siblings were not around too. However, the accused , (Mr Fatai) was reported to have come to the house of Mr Sulaiman Mohammed again when none of them was home except the little girl. According to the Father of the girl,Mr Fatai used to be their neighbor and comes to visit them. But on this fateful day, Mr Fatai came when no one was around except the little girl, Mariam, to carry out his evil plot.

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Mr Fatai who forced himself on the little Mariam for the third time was caught by three of the little siblings who are young to comprehend the incident. He (the oldest of the siblings) however challenged him by saying “Brother Fatai, what are you doing? He shut the boy up by telling him that if he should tell anybody or their father and aunt, that he’s going to kill them, and each time Mr Fatai raped little Mariam he would threaten to kill her if she decides to tell anyone about it. But when the parent of the victim arrived and noticed the blood stain and changes in her body system, they enquired for what had happened.
The little Mariam revealed to her parent that Mr Fatai had been raping her and after the last one he did, he brought out bunch of leaves from his pocket which he used to clear her private part (the little girl’s private part).
According to the Father of the victim, little Mariam’s tongue ceased after revealing the secret and she collapsed afterward and part of her body got paralyzed, she was rushed to Dare’s hospital in Ila-Orangun environment and the doctor after trying his best to revive her to no avail, advised them to go traditional on her. The parent did and she was eased.
As at this point,the man (Mr Fatai) has been arrested and detained in the custody of Zone A police station in ila Orangun. At the police station Mr Fatai revealed that he took the leaves he used to rub the small girl’s private part to a popular herbalist in ila Orangun environ .

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Yesterday,Monday 11th may 2020, the victim was tested positive for HIV, after a blood test examination at General Hospital,ila Orangun.
To this end, Justice must be ascertain, the evil act which penetrated through Mr Fatai is one of the evil that is taking up the world while some people were silent on this issue,we want Justice for Mariam. Mr Fatai should reap the bad fruit he has sowed because records have it that it’s not his first evil act as the neighbors had testified. However, we seek a proper take up on this wretched attitude. To an extent the herbalist shouldn’t go unpunished too. Justice is all we seek for little Mariam and her helpless parent as this would go a long way to curb such kind of act from penetrating the environment. He mustn’t go free, he must face the consequences to be an example to his other rapist out there.
The most sadden part of the incidence was that, Mr Fatai was arrested at A’division in Ila Orangun and released shortly on bail.
We, however challenge the government, organizations and all human to ensure and advocate Justice for little Mariam.

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