A Most Read: MTN Lines And Its Associated Frustration Caused By NIN Registration


Nigerians using MTN lines as their primary line should be very careful with the line. That line can cause total disorganization of social and business life of any upwardly mobile Nigerian.

That line may cause chaos and frustration .

Dear Nigerians, there is a problem on ground caused by NIN registration. My phone with MTN line was stolen . This is a primary line given to friends and associates in the last 15 years. I used the line on all business and professional platforms.

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I have visited four MTN offices for line retrieval for three days spending a minimum of 5 hours without any success despite the fact that I have done my NIN registration since last year with confirmation. I met those on line retrieval for two weeks without any success. I was able to retrieve my Airtel line within one hour but wasted 3 days at MTN offices without success.

No bank transactions (alert, deposit, transfer and airtime ) on USSD . No business communication, All other platforms where I used MTN line is now not useable. When they send verification code to the line, I cannot access it. Frustrations just to retrieve stolen line. The only thing they did was to block the line. I met other people with similar experience at various MTN offices.

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Anybody with MTN line as primary line on CV, profile and any platform should protect their phone at all cost. It is now easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a lost SIM card to be retrieved from MTN.

It is a now a wisdom to use MTN line as an alternative or secondary line in any official documentation. The future of MTN lines is very bleak as far as Nigeria is concerned. This is my personal experience.

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