A Must Read: Best Option For IPOB Members And Nnamdi Kanu Is To Keep Quiet

Nnamdi Kanu

I know for a fact, that IPOB apologists wouldn’t love this one; oh well, we don’t always have to agree nor love everything.

The world is battling a dangerous enemy, and we can’t stay pitiful, instead of focusing and channeling our energy, time and works where it does matter the most – a fight against Covid-19.

It takes a lot of strength to get started with discussing Nnamdi Kanu and his rebellious battalion of lost sheep. It takes courage to do that too.

To this day, many are only getting to know the Nnamdi Kanu person, his tricks, gimmicks and his grand modus operandi. This is why many of us that have carefully understudied him, do not have strength for drama.

Nnamdi Kanu commands an army of daft, ignorant and ridiculous followership. If you wish to dare differ with the damn god, be ready to face the awful response from his sick followers. They’re some set of lost, confused and clearly gullible elements.

NK could be a lunatic. His stock in trade is that ever repetitive style of “divide and rule”. He so arrogantly, pretentiously, deceitfully, callously, abusively and indecently beats up the polity as it appeals to the Igbos, conjures up together, a self-serving fallacious figments of his own imaginations and tells lies with reckless abandon.

I tell you what, Kanu holds firmly on the pitiful ignorance of his legion of followers.

It’s really difficult to deal with his followers or engage with them on any worthwhile discuss on social media or anywhere else. Sadly, there’re little or no exceptions. This includes even the literate and traveled ones that one may meet in Britain, Spain, Germany, Italy, China, Japan or anywhere else.

Those ones, just like Kanu too, they stay in safe havens abroad, from where they blow hot, trumpets of war and discordance, yet refusing to return home and join in the actual war, maybe, to become a Biafran Martyr or an unsung hero.

Infact, it now seems or may actually be easier to deal with, and possibly talk sense into a hardened Boko Haram member to drop his arms and repent, than to convince an NK follower to take their god – Nnamdi Kanu’s “truths” with a pinch of salt.

They fail to understand that a couple of sentences that are true, never makes every other thing following it true too.

NK has an unmatched followership, and with such crowd, he should indeed be calling the shots, but just like Uwazulike, he’s misusing, as well as abusing such a golden opportunity.

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Whenever I see images or clips of him in Jerusalem and clinging to the Great Walls in prayers and solitude, and to Israel as his root, I laugh in Swahili, because just like the Onitsha-based comic Prophet and Doctor, Odumejeje, Kanu too is dramatic, and struggles so hard to come up with scripts that would be most appealing to his pool of followers, who often times, do not ask sane questions.

Kanu should stop being ridiculously insensitive, unrepentantly arrogant and shamelessly abusive to everyone within the thinking of his faculty.

The world is currently fighting a dangerous enemy, a faceless, yet ruthless one at that. This Covid-19 is infact doing more damage abroad, than on the African continent. Yes, it’s that serious.

He may disagree with Buhari and many other political elites just like some of us do, but he should rise above that, and throw his weight into the ring, contest and win elections. As an individual, he can also contribute to the struggle and fight against Covid-19. He can dare to be a public servant and turn Abia State, Igboland and Nigeria of our dreams to reality.


IPOB can sponsor candidates to run for Gubernatorial and State House elections in the five Igbo states, and send representatives to run in elective positions for Senate and Federal House of Representatives, and begin by building Igboland and through their National frontiers, that desired path to greatness may come, and not cheaply talking like an aged abandoned Volkswagen.

He too, can return home, stand in an election, conquer and win as Governor of Abia State, do the wonders many others has failed to do, and then proceed to contest for the Presidency.

If he doesn’t goof, and bring on his loads of insults, but sanely, maturely and intelligently use his campaign trail to inform us on his plans and how he can make Abia better and life better for Abians, why not? He could win. But if he comes with his usual insults and lies, it definitely wouldn’t go down well.

If we do not like the way our societies are, we rise to the responsibility of daring to fix it aright by ourselves. We can’t keep waiting for the Messiac touch, when we can actually be our own Messiahs. When the desirable isn’t available, the available becomes the desirable.

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We are having a very serious global challenge and crisis, a pandemic that has shut down even Lenten observations and Sunday Masses in the Vatican City, where the Pope now celebrates mass to an empty St. Peter’s Square.

We are talking of what has canceled out entirely, pilgrimages to Mecca and Medina atleast for now, and Mosques in Saudi Arabia shutting down.

All over Europe and indeed globally, sporting activities has been halted indefinitely. Even the Olympic that unites the world, which was initially slated to hold this year, has now been postponed by one solid year.

New York, the ever bubbling city state that never sleeps, has been mournfully asleep for nearly two solid months, with deaths from same virus in the US alone above forty thousand.

Even the US Caesar, Donald Trump who initially claimed the viral spread originating from China was a hoax, has now come cold, struggling to save lives of his people, while staying uninfected.

Dubai, the world’s choicest holiday hub and tourist destination has locked-down their cities and nation, keeping tourists far away from visiting and even Nationals staying home to stay safe.

The entire Britain, and Europe – Germany, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, Poland and yes, Italy (which is the worst hit in that region), are all battling to survive, not yet defeating the virus.

Yes, it got too bad in Italy that volunteer Doctors had to be flown in, all the way from Cuba, the land of Fidel Caestro to come help Italians fight the virus. It’s alleged that Somalia, even small Somalia always known to be in crisis sent health workers to help the Italians.

The viral spread began in Wuhan city, in the Hubei Province of China and has like wild fire spread round the whole world, soon after the annual Chinese holidays, which is usually like our Christmas in Nigeria.

Asia was first hit, with South Korea, India, Indonesia, Pakistan and others being terribly hit from the start. It’s therefore a very serious situation and moment for the word.

We are managing to come out from the unfounded rhetorics of conspiracy theorists who initially alleged that 5G was the cause of the viral spread, as if 2G, 3G and 4G doesn’t emit some level of radiations too.

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And later jumped to claiming Bill Gates, a man whom have nearly gifted his all for others, including a polio vaccine, then suddenly turns around to be accused of desperately planning to inject with his new vaccine against Covid-19, same virus itself.

We aren’t advanced for sure, but must we also show our stupefying level of ignorance too, to such humiliating and sickening height before the eyes of the world. And now, a certain Nnamdi Kanu again?

Kanu must forthwith quit speaking with reckless abandon, more like an illiterate or like a literate fool.

And for all I care, his followers can as it has become customary, feast on us with their derogatory, dehumanizing, disrespectful and damaging piles of insults. It doesn’t change for a fact, that NK is a jobber, and his followers are a bunch of ignorant lot.Of course, there’re exceptions.

I would end with the beautiful words of Ricky Gervais, “when you are dead, you do not know that you are dead. It’s only painful and difficult for others. The same applies when you are stupid”.

In thesame light, I dare say, “when you’re mad, you definitely cannot place a perfect distinction about your true state of mind, for you know no madness, but you indeed shame your family and friends. Thesame applies to foolishness and those who swim in its dirt-infested euphoria of folly”.

Don’t always wait on who would say it. People have said it before, I’ve read a few others who concurred; and I am saying too. The world won’t come to an end.

Lastly, there’s this thinking amongst many IPOB apologists, that the US President, Donald Trump has the messiac power to help the actualization of Biafra come to reality. Indeed, truth is, Trump has, and would always have more important things to attend to, than to being the face that would bring about the Biafran dream. We shouldn’t deceive ourselves about the obviously impossible.

Nnamdi Kanu is our son, and a true Igbo son at that. He’s one who has attained a height, however, pride they say comes before a fall. He must therefore thread with caution, and not allow his attainment to becloud his sense of reasoning, in acts and dealings generally.

As they say, “silence doesn’t mean approval”. Let it be on record, and for posterity sake, that I spoke up when it mattered the most.

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  1. Y this Biafra the pain many people like this?
    I think this MNK is hitting the bullet on point cause the reaction is too much

  2. Whoever write this nonsense is a typical fool. You are such a disgrace to igbo nation. Someone lay down his life to liberate you from bondage and slavery and you are here talking rubbish. Shame to you, why don’t u go aso rock and against the evil, massacre of innocents citizens? I can simply say that animal is better than you. Fools everywhere.

  3. This is the most stupid write up I ever had read in my life. The writer ended up saying nothing, is it possible that this writer is that reasonable more than all of us? Anyway, there must be stupid ones around.

  4. That fool and his entire generation can never get sense,monkey in the zoo,defending the zoo, why don’t you fool use the strength you use in talking rubbish to fight for the money meant for your palliative, you can not ,you are to weak and useless,but u have a cheap techno phony to type rubbish against who is fighting for your mother you rat

    1. I didn’t need to read to the end to understand how deranged the writer is.
      Some people are born slaves, and they and their entire generation will remain slaves.
      This writer is one.

  5. Well even Joseph bagged the is isrealites not to leave his bones in Egypt when going to the promised land, Nigeria is Egypt to biafrans, no going back toooooooooooo late writer

  6. Bro. You’ve been called a fool and you were prepared to receive this insult knowing fully well that you are one big fool and you decided to accept the fullness of your foolishness. If you’re this intelligent show working by mobilizing those under your influence, that’s if you’ve got one. Wasted effort.

  7. By your name I could decode where you are coming from.
    It’s unfortunate that you hold no point at all. Wallowing in your mindset and your world, you never reasoned well at all with your brain after proofreading this writeup before publishing it.
    I shouldn’t have even commented on your writeup at all but allow you to wallow in your miserable world of enslavement till the time you and your kind will be put in your place. And as well not waste my time with your issue but because of this your particular statement ‘throw his weight into the ring, contest and win elections’. Let me leave countering your other statements from the beginning one by one but from the quoted one. So, from what foundation, system, institutions can this your sordid advice to attained giving a fair, legal and morally even or level play ground for all. Is there a constitution or laws enacted for the masses or people. Aren’t they for the political class and elites.
    You want to tell me that it is not a coward and a slave that will fold his/her hands and allow the available to become the desirable, when the desirable isn’t the available. No wonder that you like the way our society is, that’s why you don’t rise to the responsibility of daring to fix aright by taken steps yourself.
    So, because of the pandemic, our senses should go to sleep and not to be conscious of the persistent irresponsibility, mismanagement, ill governance, continuous and fraudulent practices of this administration.
    You are the one that is an illiterate and an illiterate fool, that is why your quote on Ricky Gervais is applying to you, making you a disgrace to the Igbo race.
    Nevertheless, your mind as spoken, doesn’t matter at all, only that you desire the world to know your stand in the Biafra Freedom and race.
    I leave it there for now.

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