A Must Read For All Nigerians: Buhari And Fulanies Plan Is Been Exposed

Many of you may not know what is going on between”Shia muslim El-Zakzaky and Sunni muslim Buhari which are fighting themselves for supremeacy. . .i will open your eyes on what is happening that was hidden from public eyes. . . . .

El-zakzaky is a pure Hausa man not Fulani, they are the original owners of Northern part of the Country until Usman Dan Fodio came to west Africa with his un-Holy religious Bandits and carried a jihad that enslaved El-zakzaky’s forefathers (the Hausas)

98% of Almajiris in the North are HAUSA people NOT FULANIS, Fulanis marry less wives and born less kids but train their kids very well, on like Hausa’s whom they encourage to marry many wives and bear many children to use them to rig election………!!!

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Fulanis wants to bury and intimidate El-zakzaky inorder for the man not to re-awake the revolutional spirit against Fulanis that plant Emirs in all Northern state and controlling the destiny of Hausas..(REMEMBER, HAUSAS ARE BANNED OR NOT ALLOWED TO BE AN EMIR..)

They don’t want the man to create a contiousness that will make an average Hausaman whose “spiritual car battery”, as my igbo folks in the market use to say has been taken by Fulanis. .

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Aminu Kanu, an Hausa man fought this battle to free his Hausa people but was disgraced by Sarduana Of Sokoto Armadu Bello with the support of Britain and Aminu died a sad man…. .

EL-ZAKZAKY is fighting the same fight left by Aminu Kanu to free his people, but this time with an Islamic Shia religion(IRAN) that is against Sunni islam of fulanis that is loyal to Saudi Arabia. .

Fulanis wants to continously keep them (Hausas) under slavery. .Same thing Nnamdi Kanu is fighting is what El-zakzaky is fighting but the difference is that they (Fulanies) have never conquered Igbos as they have done to Hausas and Yorubas.

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This is the secret Federal Government (Fulanies) does not want you to know but El-zakzaky’s pandemonium shall end the reign of Usmand dan fodio Fulani supremacy in our own time.

By Collins Nwanojuo

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