A Must Read: More Reasons Why Presidency Must Be Zoned To S-East

By Ukabuilu Chuks

The case for the need for Nigerian President of Igbo extraction at this material time in the history of Nigeria has continued to gain dominance as only reasonable approach to guarantee continued existence and unity of Nigeria by giving every stakeholders a sense of belonging at all times.

In this piece, a young Nigeria laid our reasons and logics behind the call and why it is sacrosanct at this juncture.

“But let’s face it, Buhari is not better than any South-Eastern governor or prospective presidential candidate, so let us all support anyone, and I mean anyone chosen from the east, even if it is my councilor, I will support for three reasons:

  1. It is not performance that earns a zone the chance to bring a president but ‘turn’.
  2. It is utter foolishness to deny the Igbos the right to produce a president on the basis of COMPETENCE, and this foolishness could be internal (within Igbo polity) or external (from the same political clowns who have held unto and nibbled on power for years and only sunk the nation).
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We have our worst president ever in Aso Rock right now and he is not an Igbo.

  1. It is high time we had an Igbo president, who knows? The redemption of this decaying nation might be in the hands of a man or woman from the East.

We have seen North, West and even South-South.

Let us try the East this time.

My fears?
The Igbos have a chronic problem of internal divisiveness.

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They may start judging candidates on ‘performance’ and eventually will their right to others actively or passively rather than pick someone and support him massively.

There may also be multiple usable candidates in a couple of parties, thereby thinning out the votes and causing failure.


It is time for all Igbo politicians in the two front line parties to begin to demand for Igbo candidacy for 2023 presidential elections.
It is not a time to be cowards, stooges and bowed heads.
It is time to speak up and get an Igbo into Aso Rock because Igbos are part of the Nigeria project.

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Let us see how well or badly an Igbo can do as president. Someone who would do everything the North is afraid of seeing done.

Would an Igbo president be different?

It is not your business, every region had the constitutional and political right to spoil or repair the nation as president.

Restructuring nko?

It would take a willing president to restructure the nation and that president IS NOT Buhari.

I make these submissions on the grounds of fairness and what the gander deserves.
However, feel very free to make of it what you will.

I come in what?


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