“A Stitch In Time Saves Nine”, A Clarion Call On Chief Uche Secondus, National Chairman, PDP

It is with a rapt sense of concern that I write as the National Coordinator, PDP Coalition to draw the swift attention of the national Chairman of this great party for an urgent need to constitute a harmonization derive to address the pressing problems confronting the party with particular reference to mass exodus of members to APC platform. I call it a ” Clarion Call” because of its demanding importance, I as well term it a Stitch in Time because swiftness of action is needed to save the party s successfully achieved blueprints from heating the wall due to misguided happenings and other forms of engraved grudges.The manner and speed with which party members decamp to APC after being elected into various political offices is highly alarming and regrettable.That means something is wrong some where and we cannot afford to loose all our active members in a twinkle of an eye for reasons which I think are not beyond the party leadership to address.Defectors are also admonished to note that it is a mark of betrayal and distrust for them to bite with reckless abandon the hands that had once and in several occasions fed them.The APC platform you are moving to is never a sure way of restoring hope and promoting national development nor does it show honour to the electorate that voted you into offices.It depicts signs of having polluted conscience and disregard for the sufferings of helpless Nigerians who are currently in dire need of redemption from the yoke of insecurity,hunger,inequalities and other anomalies.

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We have lost Ebonyi, Cross River and Zamfara states governors to APC,we also saw how four Green Chamber House Members of Zamfara state extraction and 80% of the same State Assembly Law makers followed suit.Recall that One of the serving senators of this 9th Assembly elected under the banner of PDP ,Delta State had divorced his marriage with our party and remarried APC.As it stands in the Federal House of Representatives,40% of duly elected legislators under the party umbrella have defected to APC which gives the Party an uttermost concern for a re think and re planning.

That is why it is pertinent for the party under the watch of Chief Uche Secondus to immediately convene an urgent Harmonization meeting of all the National Working Committee members (NWC),party chieftains,State EXCos and all parties involved for a closed door deliberations where grievances will be poured, addressed and a way forward pragmatically outlined on a clean template for reconciliation and revamping.I confidently wish to affirm that the future of this country is in the hands of PDP as the hungry and distressed Nigerians are looking up to the Party to salvage the nation come 2023.We need to comport and organize ourselves in a way that would convince Nigerians that PDP is their future hope and source of relief from the shambles of lopsided leadership daggering their hearts.

Without biting an eyelid,this is just the truth capable of harnessing the party and equip her with bundles of lively feathers to fly without getting weary now, come 2023 and ahead.It is a simple analogy of fact that solidarity is the cornerstone of victory in politics. I also besiege aggrieved party members to shit their swords and tow the path of oneness in order to move this country forward.

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As for the youth vanguard of this party,it is nice that you muster full courage and determination to work for the success of the party and desist from mudslinging and rallying supports for politicians whose motives for involvement in politics are to amass wealth and ride on the horse of reckless power high handedness. Our youths are powerful and purpose driven,they are focused and are encouraged to remain stronger in their drive for a better party structure and harmonization.Youths are the leaders of tomorrow who form the major fronts for viable change in political adminstration and you are rest assured that PDP runs an inclusive government not ones that would term them all sort of evil names to nail them on the cross of public mockery.

Fingering things from the standpoint of truth and excellence, we must ensure we support articulated personalities as presidential and gubernatorial candidates who are capable of wrestling the day with APC on the election and manifest in victory, candidates with pedigree of political energy to secure wonderful votes across the six geo political zones of the country, candidates with drives to develop and re structure Nigeria when being elected, Candidates that have the trust and confidence of the people to deliver well in leadership.Likewise in the choices of candidates running for elective legislative offices. This is why we must eschew personal, tribal or religious sentiments in this regard.We must not make such a costly mistake.God forbids! Nigerians are crying and in order to wipe away their tears,carefulness is to be given a top attention in the choices of Candidates we make for various electoral offices having seen the bad handwriting on the nation s wall.

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Finally,I commend all the party faithfuls and our teeming supporters for remaining calm and focused as there is no cause of action in life that yields good results without experiencing ills and backlashes.It is time to right the wrong, it is time to pick the pieces and emend them,it is time for re strengthening to do exploits, it is time to give Nigerians the good news being waited for.One love,all hails as this call is treated and given a due deserved attention.

Chief Dr. Emeka Kalu
National Coordinator,.

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