Abia: 2023 And Politics Of Food Is Ready

Abia State

One of the most significant signposts which has dominated many local restaurants from time immemorial is ” Food is Ready “. The message therefore is that anybody who walks into such a center is neither coming to join the kitchen crew, nor help in cutting the vegetables nor pound the food but to be served immediately with already made food.

A close observer would notice that such signpost will never be displayed while the restaurant owner is preparing the food behind, but would do so as soon as the food is ready.

In most cases the essence of such signpost is to invite passersby who apparently are hungry and would not want the delayed process at home to come and have food served to him.

Above scenario aptly captures the character of some politicians in Abia state whose stock in trade is to search for such restaurant which food is ready is displayed. They are many. But the primus lnter pares in this category is likely going to play out in the race for the Governorship and Deputy Governorship positions of the state come 2023. While the People’s Democratic party (PDP) is expected to zone her Governorship position to Abia North Senatorial zone of the state there already plots by some individuals from Ukwa axis particularly Ukwaeast already clandestinely jostling for the Deputy Governorship position. One of such persons who is alleged to be backed by some bigwigs within the party in the state is Chief Chris Nkwonta.

Although he is yet to officially return to the PDP, feelers have it that plans have been concluded for him to rejoin the party he abandoned and have been fighting against for almost eight years now. His target of returning to the party is either to become a deputy Governor or fight the incumbent House of Representatives member Hon. Uzoma Abonta out of position. With these ambitions he’s said to belong the aforementioned category of food is ready politicians in Abia state. A nice man. Very calculative and an expert in timing whose target at arriving at the “food is ready” center is obvious.

He comes, he eats washes his hands and takes to his heels. As he is leaving he turns his back at the same signpost only to return again when hunger hits. That for sure is an emblem of inconsistency. No wonder in the words of Paul Carrick Brusom ” call when you say you will, show up when you say you will and deliver what what you say you will”. Inconsistency destroys trust and trust is the foundation of all relationships.

The import of Paul Carrick position is that people should be known for their words and ability to keep to promises and build trust.

Historically facts lends credence on the above analogy of Chief Chris Nkwonta in the politics of Abia state. His style of politics could be likened to a pharmaceutical product of the olden days nicknamed ” Sunday Sunday Medicine ” .He’s a successful businessman no doubt about that but his fire brigade approach of politics has made him serial loser of the game.

He attempted to go to the House of Representatives during the General Babangida days but was knocked out by Chief Adolphus Wabara then and in 2011 he vied for the Senate under the PDP but was defeated at the Primaries by Enyinnaya Abaribe.

He came again in 2015 for senate under the PDP but lost the party ticket to Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe. Impatience and inconsistency set in. He abandoned the PDP and joined forces with Alex Otti in the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) and contested for the Abia South Senatorial Zone in his new party and was roundly defeated by Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe.

One cardinal feature in all these is that after each failed attempt he would abandon his supporters and disappear from the scene only to reappear again a year to the general election.

In 2019 just a year to the election he assembled his papers again gathered his remaining few supporters and brought out vehicles printed posters and erected billboards across the state here he comes ” Chris Nkwonta for Senate 2019″ under APGA. At the end of the 2019 election he lost this time woefully to the same Enyinnaya Abaribe and as usual he disappeared to Europe.

Barely a year to the general election again the name Chris Nkwonta has started featuring again. Observers of the state politics have always faulted the political style of the business tycoon saying that he’s not the best material for any of the political positions of his ambition. For instance in all the elections he contested he will just struggle to win his local Government Area out six and always failed in his neighbouring ukwawest and ugwunagbo LGAs.

They opined that it would be a big risk for the PDP to field such an inconsistent politician for any position against the APC which is determined to wrestle power out of the PDP.

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