Abia: Sam Nwogu And The Infantile Journey Of Political Jobbers

Barr. Sam Nwogu

By Orji Ikem

When the holy book of Hosea posit that “my people perish for lack of knowledge” one would not appreciate the import of such assertion until you are confronted with the activities of the uninformed. Lack of knowledge is akin to blindness and there is no doubt that a blind person walking alone on the road is bound to hit the rock or any other dangerous blockade leading to serious injury or death.
The activities of the uninformed always take the posture of an endless journey where it’s makers arrive at no destination but crumbles on the way.
Above analytical situation aptly captures the condition of an amorphous group who called themselves Progressive People For Abia Renaissance in their futile media journey against the nomination of Barr. Sam Nwogu as Commissioner by Governor Okezie Ikpeazu few days ago.
In their “danse macabre”, the inglorious and faceless “Renaissance prophets” could not lay hands specifically on the “sins” of Barr. Nwogu to warrant being dropped by the governor as a Commissioner nominee. Rather, after several search, possibly with torch light, all the could lay hands was “…abysmal Performance of the Commissioner nominee while he held sway as ASOPADEC boss”.
Obviously, one would expect these political jobbers to enumerate in details areas of abysmal Performance than making baseless claims which cannot be substantiated.
It is on record that the administration of Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu transformed the lives of Avians through the ASOPADEC under the watch of Barr. Sam Nwogu. There is no doubt that space is a constraint here to graphically enumerate them but evidence abound and attest Nwogu’s finest outing at ASOPADEC.
In their attempt to scratch a point, the blind marauders accused Nwogu of non payment of workers salaries. Yes, the pen is theirs and the fingers belong to them. What they do not have and may never have is the res because it cannot be manufactured.
The group only demonstrated their height of ignorance because if not so, they would have known that issues of appointment of Commissioners is the prerogative of the governor as enshrined in the 1999 Constitution. For Barr. Sam Nwogu to have been spotted by the governor for such position, is it not a demonstration of being worthy and capable.
It is indeed advisable that these political jobbers retraint themselves from being hired for such an inglorious, dirty and shameful job. There are more decent way to earn a living than doing a hatchet job.
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