Adamu Garba Reacts After El-rufai Supported The Zoning Of Presidency To The South

Adamu Garba Reacts

Adamu Garba, a former Senator from Yobe state was on his Facebook account this evening to react to the statement made by governor El-rufai concerning zoning.

In his post, Adamu Garba started by referring to El-rufai as his elder brother and respected politician, he then stated that Malam Nasir El-rufai supports zoning of presidency to the south, not because he believes in it and not because he practiced it. Adamu Garba said that El-rufai is aware that, that is not a better path for the development of the country but he is constrained by the circumstances at hand. Adamu Garba spoke further by saying that our new generation disagrees. He said the new generation does not believe that a president should be made by geography, he said the new generation believes that the president should be for all Nigerians.

In conclusion, Adamu Garba said that a Nigerian, not a southerner or northerner, not a Muslim or Christian should emerge for the first time. Adamu Garba said he will support a Nigerian president in 2023, he said he is sure that El-rufai will support him later.

Read what Adamu Garba said about El-rufai below.

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