Aguleri vs Umueri Crisis : Dr. Tony Nwoye Urges Both Parties To Embrace Peace

Dr. Tony Nwoye

By: Mazi Chidi Orjika

Dr Tony Nwoye has called on the two brotherly communities of Umueri and Aguleri to sheath their swords and avoid escalations of violent confrontations that may lead to another fratricidal war that will destabilise the largely agrarian Omambala region with a potential spur of security and humanitarian challenges into other parts of the state.

Nwoye, pained by the renewed hostilities between the two neighbouring communities over Land ownership rights advises that the Anambra East and largely Omambala area cannot afford to be a theatre of another fratricidal war as witnessed in 1999 that led to so much Bloodshed, destruction of properties, economic ruins and breaking of love bond between two brothers, which regrettably, retrogressed the area in economic, human and infrastructural development when compared to other zones.*_I am deeply pained with the news of renewed violent confrontation and hostilities between few persons from Umueri and Aguleri yet again, a situation, which if not properly and promptly arrested would jeopardise the peace , stability and economic development of not only the affected area, but the entire state at large. I therefore call on my brothers from both sides to completely eschew and reject any form of Armed/violent resolution of the land dispute between them and embrace peaceful dialogue as one and only way of resolving any issue* Nwoye advised. Still pained with the reports of crisis in Igweship, Town Union leadership disputes and inter/intra community rifts that have dotted some parts of the state, , the Medical Doctor noted that *_..the renewal of the Aguleri – Umuleri confrontation and hostilities, as well as other pockets of crisis in Royal stools, community leadership disputes, inter/intra communal rifts in some parts of the state demand that all hands must be on desk, hence all different Stakeholders, opinion moulders, Security agencies, religious and traditional Leaders; as well as State Government serving as an intervening variable to maintaining dispassionate balance and peace making amongst the conflicting parties must get to the roots of these conflicts and treat them fairly and squarely maka odinma Anambra_*Finally, Dr. Tony Nwoye calls on all well meaning and Peace loving people of Umueri and Aguleri to rise above the temptations of war as a means of conflict resolutions, especially, in view of the horrendous experiences of the past wars to embrace peace and dialogue as the only nondestructive pathway to peaceful coexistence, unity and progress.

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