Almost All Poverty Can Be Eliminated If You Follow These 2 Rules -Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri

Poverty has gotten its toll on the lives of Nigerians and you just continue to wonder what could be done. How do we eliminate poverty in the society? Individuals in the society need to be focused on solving this problem. We need to realise that to eliminate poverty depends on our actions as individuals.

Popular Orator, Reno Omokri has felt the need to give out two rules tht could help humans defeat poverty. The rules are simple and it all depends on whether we’re ready to put an end to poverty in our society. According to Reno Omokri, if you don’t have any source of financial income, just ensure you don’t get married or give birth. If you want to get married or have kids, ensure that you get a job or business.

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Reno said: “almost all poverty can be eliminated if you follow these two rules: if you don’t have a job or business, do not marry or have kids. If you want to marry or have kids, then get a job or have a business”.

This is exactly how it works! The rule is simple but the question is: are we ready to make such sacrifice? In our society today, even those without a job or business are the ones giving birth to kids. This is just an easy way to increase the level of poverty in the society because you don’t have what it takes to take good care of those kids.

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