American’s Need Napoleon Not Trump

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Mr Donald J. Trump came into power against all odd of the American elite and statesmen. That’s not far from what is obtainable from other developed and underdevelop countries, Elite and statesmen always shun change of power. They certainly lose more than they gain.
Trump who have contributed to making America Great Again has always being a bold, strong, resolute and a tough guy in his reign. His problems started when he created enough insecurities around Elites. They want Him removed. While it seemed their are still hope that the impeachment may not proceed or succeed at the upper chamber of the senate. The fact remains that Trump reformed too quickly, He changed too quickly, and even if he made at the senate he will come back less powerful than we all hope to be. The discipline has started in earnest because His powerful is sublimate to the power of the House of Senate.
What Americans don’t know is that while they are busy distracting Trump from presidential duties, other rival power hungry countries are busy their own empire. The match may start sooner than later.
If the Senate House considers Trump political background, they may assume that he is either leading them astray as protested or nothing. I know we all assume that Trump can easily navigate through the Senate, to me that is very uncertain. Trump didn’t mask his credit. Maybe he is consumed by the applause of the commoners.

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