An Open Letter To Femi Adesina On His Recent Statement On The Nigerian Army

Open Letter To Femi Adesina

Dear sir,

I write this letter to express my thoughts on your recent statement, where you accused some Nigerians of not praying for the Nigerian Army.

Indeed sir, your statement was met with mixed reactions because many Nigerians have their loved ones in the Nigerian Army, while some families have lost loved ones who died in the battlefield.

In my opinion, your recent statement was unnecessary, as the 15th of January, is a day mapped out by the government, to pay respect to our servicemen, hence, this was not a good time to call out Nigerians.

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Even more, it is important to note that many Nigerians complain about the Nigerian Army, due to the fact that insurgency seems to have lingered for so long and many people from the North-Eastern part of Nigeria, have been displaced.

I humbly ask that you apologise to Nigerians for that message.

Dear Nigerians, what is your take on this delicate issue of national concern?

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