Anambra 2021: Dr Godwin Maduka, The Right Choice And The Right Time

By Chioma Chukwunekeh

Every individual has a right to choice, every eligible voter has a right of choice, to choose a candidate of his choice in every electoral process. Anambra state is in another electoral year, the gubernatorial election is taking place November 2021.

However, Anambra state at the moment needs the right individual, the best hand to pilot the affairs of the state. Moreso the state has been experiencing decadence in that conundrum ranging from bad roads, insecurity, maladministration etc.

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Evidently, as the D-day is fast approaching and the stage is set! There’s politicking, media bantering and political brouhaha all over the place… The atmosphere is intensed but Dr Godwin Maduka is not deterred. He believes in politics without rancour and bitterness but with the right spirit and eyes on the ball.
Even with the political calculations and permutations, Dr Godwin Maduka still stand out as the best among all.

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Ndi Anambra the right choice is Dr. Godwin Maduka, Okosisi Orumba and the right time is now! Let us join hands together and make a governor… The best for Agu Oka. Anambra state will be great again. Dr. Godwin Maduka is the best bet.

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