Anambra 2021: If Elected, I Will Attract 50% Of Funds For Infrastructural Development From Diaspora – Dr. Godwin Maduka

By: Machie Emmanuel

Promises to deploy the best medical brains from USA, Europe and Asia to energize Anambra State World Research Medical Center Umuchukwu

Anambra State has had a terrible share of seemingly unabating economic decline, but out of the blue, a development that one can only be described as a twist of fate is to be witnessed as Dr. Godwin Maduka (Mr Evidence) announced his intention to join the gubernatorial race.

Interestingly, Dr. Maduka made a clear statement during his courtesy visit to stakeholders across the 3 senatorial districts of Anambra State that in addition to the meager allocations comprising (FAC) and (IGR) that accrues to the state periodically, about 50% of infrastructural funds requirement would be outsourced from the diaspora.

Going by the above statement, which in my view is like one of the Doctor’s promises already completed in record time, God Almighty has actually answered ndi Anambra’s prayer for a state in the frame and rigalia of a modern country. Little wonder, he promised to build a country in the state like he did in Umuchukwu.

This is indeed a clear evidence of the Doctor’s unique personality and character, given that while politicians banks on the amount of Naira to rake away from home, he is rather working out means of attracting foreign currencies and resource persons for speedy and well coordinated development of Anambra State.

In addition to the above, Dr. Godwin Maduka has been compiling list of Anambrarians, one to enable him implement his foundation’s family support scheme and secondly, with a view to placing citizens on social security database, which will make them entitled to free medical access, among other goodies.

As the PDP gubernatorial primary edges closer, all statutory, automatic and adhoc delegates are expected to make the best choice out of their individually preferred choices for the sake of providence and the growing population. That choice should be one with the following qualities at least:

  1. Sound academic background.
  2. Zero record of dubious political antecedents.
  3. Zero record of questionable character.
  4. Local and international connection.
  5. Sustainable wealth accumulated in good faith.
  6. Uncommon sense of tolerance and cordial relationship with the masses.
  7. Unparalleled evidence of visible record of achievements across sectoral targets.
  8. God-fearing but not fanatic.
  9. Cheerful giver.
  10. Security consciousness.

All these and more are the special qualities that distinguish Dr. Godwin Maduka from other gubernatorial aspirants.

Ndi Anambra, behold the governorship material that will wipe your tears, considering his promise that we shall not experience building the state on a hungry stomach anymore, but would be working and enjoying at the same time.

A vote for Dr. Godwin Maduka is like one cast in gold; a perfect CHOICE for functional democracy.

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