Anambra 2021: If You’re Gifted A Car, Money Or Job Opportunity, Take It, But Don’t Use It As A Condition To Elect Your Leaders

By Tony Ezike

………A Humble Appeal To Party Delegates And The Electorates As Anambra Decides Her Next Governor

The increasing wave of PAY BEFORE SERVICE election mentality pervading the Nigerian political system has over the years taken very unpleasant toll on our democracy and anticipated progress since the adoption and selective implementation of our half baked democracy.

This special publication was informed by the seasonal extortion and subjugation of political aspirants across party lines by both stakeholders and members of registered political parties as a condition to accept, mobilize and vote for them during elections.

This trend however can really turn counterproductive as the winner may thereafter decide to recoup monies so expended to the detriment of initiating and executing critical infrastructure and providing basic amenities. Fundamentally, anyone who paid his way through an election on the demand of mandate owners (registered voters) may not feel indebted to the society upon assuming office eventually.

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Let me make it clear that if the Americans, Europeans and other developed countries have been taxing prospective public officers in terms of settlement before voting, It will not have been possible for them to build the very attractive and habitable society where both prominent people and the younger generation of Nigerians approach their embassies cap in hand, on a daily bases for business, employment, education, medication or even holiday visas.

Using the forthcoming Anambra State gubernatorial election as a point of reference, I strongly advice that since we do not have the tradition of citizens contributory donations for election purposes, we must avoid the trending tradition of demanding any form of reward as a criteria to vote, except for freewill gifts. This is very important considering the fact that elections are entirely useless if the motives for prosecuting it is at variance with the desire for good governance.

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In any case , the overall target should be electing leaders with proven integrity, proven means of livelihood and proven record of infrastructural and human capital development as key to determine capacity to deliver democracy dividends, which usually comes after successful general elections.

All members of PDP, APC, APGA, YPP, LABOUR PARTY and others can do more than yield to irrelevant political influences. Internally, it is about time the electorates became the kind of leaders they want to have in sensitive positions. That way it’ll be easier to make and bequit a better society to the growing generation of Anambrarians.

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We could actually stop the ugly trend of insecurity by making our votes count irrespective of pressure from the sworn enemies of democracy. It is the prerogative of the electorates to elect credible, God fearing, generally acceptable and humane leaders with evident character of security consciousness beyond empty claims of proficiency in party politics.

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