Anambra 2021: Ndi Anambra Beware of Political idiots, driven by private interests

By Dr. Harris Chuma-Odili (Ogene Igbo)

The word “political” now often means behaving like an idiot. A current example and the history of the words “political” and “idiot” might help us stop this madness.

“Political” now frequently describes seeking advantage for your favored part of the people, even if that harms the nation. As well as being simply wrong, this politics of parts, of serving special interests, is ultimately self-undermining. No part can thrive for long without a healthy whole.

Take the Anambra Opposition Party’s unholy desire to pull down the ruling All Progressives Grand Alliance APGA’s monumental achievements over the past fifteen years; all in a desperate attempt to hoodwink the people, curry favor, and consequently, access power in the scheduled November 6, 2021 gubernatorial shindig.

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Sadly, the retinue of unfriendly friends, systemic moles who have successfully occupied the APGA’s house are presently mobilizing unsuspecting party members to destroy the party’s internal democratic systems; Even the selfishly driven conservatives disguised in the garb of progressivesm are leading the onslaught against the people who are determined and hell bent to fight against the reign of impunity and idiocracy, headlong. Undoing the same spatial world of madness remains a good fight for lovers of ife emelu mma.The so called political idiots have vowed to set the house ablaze if it wasn’t their targeted dreamscape. These overbooked idiots would eventually cause a massive increase in costs of the looming environmental sanitation. Just as they have deviced the absurd means of destroying the enormous goodwill the party has garnered over the years, but the commons will not allow the nonsense to make sense.

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Fortunately, none of these political idiots has ‘political support,’ which is an euphemism for not being backed by powerful special interests.

Politics was once understood to be about more than winning power and serving special interests. Aristotle said governments which “aim at the common advantage are correct and just… whereas those which aim only at the advantage of the rulers are deviant and unjust.”

America’s founding documents define government’s inalienable duties to include protecting the “public good” (Declaration of Independence) and promoting the “general welfare” (Constitution). And Lincoln didn’t say “government of the people, by the people” for your part of the people.

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Aristotle famously called humans “politikon zoon,” which is typically taken to mean we are political animals, that seeking power is in our nature. The ancient Greeks believed living well took more than the success of your private interests; it required active engagement in the public good. Our word ‘idiot’ comes from this idea.

‘Idios’ in Ancient Greek meant private, and only someone not in their right mind would choose to ignore the fact that all private interests depend on the public good. We are idiots if we ignore this, or vote for politicians that do.

To be continued……

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