Anambra 2021: Nwankpo, The Fulfillment Of Great Anambra Dream

By: Levi Nzemezie

The best thing that will happen in and to Anambra State is the emergence of Nze Akachukwu Nwankpo ( Oputa Ife Adi) as governor.

His competence, character, exposure and facilitatory aptitude is phenomenal and almost all-encompassing.

We need to almost know that leadership is, inter alia, transforming personal success to societal success. We don’t seek political office because we are rich but because we have requisite ideological and experiential infrastructure necessary to build and sustain the superstructure of political leadership. I see in Nze Akachukwu Sullivan Nwankpo the fulfilment of the Great Anambra Dream of peace, prosperity and protection.

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Let’s support this project of ‘Anambra families first’and watch our land become transformed in the shortest possible time, my illustrious people.


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