Anambra 2021: We Need A Leader Not A Politician

By Michael Nwankwo

We have really waited so long for a change in our democracy and all inclusive leadership. Anambra state is in dire need of a leader and not a politician.

We have been waiting for a leader who can look into our eyes and tell us the truth about his plans for ndi Anambra state.

Enough of political setbacks which have really done so much harm than good in our dear State.

Let’s think about a leader who lives by integrity and accountability. Let’s talk about a leader whose utterances come from the heart not as a result of political power or oratory. We want a leader whose campaign will be based on his pragmatic achievements in Anambra State.

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One must not be a Governor before thinking of HOW to develop Anambra State. Enough of “I will do”, But “I have done”. Have you ever listened to Dr. Godwin Maduka? Rest assured that his vision will transform the economic situation of our dear state. His vision will take the younger ones off the street. His Interventions can transform the lives of our people for good.

Anambra has given so much opportunities to some people but they ended up deceiving us. However, it’s time to give room for leaders who speak from their hearts. It’s time to support a leader whose scorecards speak volumes, not only in Anambra State but also across borders.

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We can’t continue to support insensitive leadership with enormous challenges ahead of us.

I encourage Ndi Anambra to embrace reality and look deep into the ideologies of Dr. Godwin Maduka. He is a technocrat and has really done so much for Ndi Anambra state. His ideology is that of a leader and not that of a politician. He believes in solving problems and healing the pains in leadership instead of empty promises.

His Intervention can go a long way in creating employment more than anybody has ever done in Anambra State. His policy is not for a temporal manifestation but a life changer.

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Let’s make a difference and give Anambra State the best they have been clamouring for. It will only take your commitment to make it work.

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