Anambra COVID-19 Curfew: Group Calls For Cancellation, Seeks Alternative Strategy

…Says new curfew is punishment on the people for electing APGA govt than fighting COVID-19

The Anambra Patriots (TAP) have condemned the new curfew announced by the APGA government in Anambra saying that the policy lacks human face as a means of fighting COVID-19 in Anambra State. The group went on to call for its cancellation while seeking alternative strategies.

In the press statement signed by The National Secretary of the group, Mr. Onyedikachukwu Okeke, The Anambra Patriots expressed worries that the declaration of curfew by the Anambra State government at this point is misleading and diversionary, stating that it is a punishment on Ndi Anambra by the Willie Obiano-led APGA Government.

The Anambra Patriots asked:

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“Why is it that it is only Anambra State that failed to learn that experimental curfew adopted by the Federal Government and most State governments during the first wave of Covid-19 does not support curfew in this second wave?”

Why must this government not embrace advocacy in place of restrictions?

Does Covid-19 exist only at night in Anambra State and disappear in the day time?

What has this curfew achieved so far?

Is this APGA government now going to adopt curfew as a major permanent policy antidote to the virus?” Okeke asked.

The Anambra Patriots further stated that the latest curfew declared by the US-based APGA government from where Governor Obiano has relocated is a decoy to further extract money illegally from the people in the name of enforcing the curfew by the APGA Taskforce which will end up weakening the people of the State and their businesses that are yet to recover from 2020 COVID-19 lockdown.

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We are more worried that the APGA Taskforce and security agencies will see this curfew as a means of extorting the people of Anambra to state their hard-earned money in the name of enforcing curfew and if care is not taken, may result in killing the people like it happened last year at Nkpor where Police shot two boys in the name of enforcing lockdown and curfew in the State.

The Anambra Patriots, therefore, calls on the Anambra State Police Command to caution its officers not to use force on the people in the name of enforcing curfew to avoid a repeat of the 2020 Nkpor saga this year, especially with a fragile peace that exist in the State now.

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The Anambra Patriots also invite men and women of goodwill to prevail on the APGA government to cancel the curfew in the State and adopt alternative measures with sustained advocacy to achieve a better result. We say No to Night Curfew!


Onyedikachukwu Okeke
National Secretary,
The Anambra Patriots
February 10, 2021

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