Anambra Guber Primary 2021: Ogene Igbo Writes APGA Faithfuls

Dear Party Faithfuls,

I hope this letter finds you in good health. Please, permit me to congratulate you all for being the latest asset in the Anambra State political sphere. Once again the spotlight is on you, the future of our darling party All Progressives Grand Alliance APGA is in your hands. Do not throw away credibility, competence and sell your VOTES to the highest bidder. Think of the future of Anambra, your children and grandchildren and pitch your tent with the most credible candidate. However, you all have an arduous task to accomplish, a very difficult task, a task in which you stand to change the narrative and shape of Anambra State politics.

As party faithfuls, there is no doubt that you want APGA to retain power in Anambra State. However, there should be an introspection by everyone of you to remember where the rain started to beat the party which led to its unexciting success in 2019 general elections. I am very sure of the facts that all the governorship aspirants are rushing all of you. Have you been lodged in hotels, lobbying and treating you all with special treats, which includes but not limited to Ofe Ogbono? And I dared to ask Awagolu gi oji- have you recieved your own kolanuts from the aspirants? Have you signed the popular MOU not to support any other aspirants except the last godson of the selfstyled APGA Supremo? Are you scared of losing your political appointments, or your envious position as members of the Exco in your Wards, LGAs, and State level? Are you afraid of the unknown- Egwu eji gi? Be brave! The good news is that, it’s no longer business as usual. Nothing will happen to your jobs, no one will expel you from the party. Believe, the reinvigorated APGA frowns seriously at primordial sentiments, and witch-hunting. Make no mistakes about it, nkea bu nke anyi…not nke otu onye.

The solemn reason for this letter is to implore all would be delegates to realize the enormous task before you. Your one vote may be the vote that will retain the APGA in Agu Awka or the one vote that will ruin the party. All the aspirants have their campaign massages and all must have reached out. Let the goal be to elect the most formidable, sellable and most acceptable aspirant by the masses who by all indications can defeat the opposition come November 6, 2021.

I understand that during the last general elections, some of you who participated in the primary elections either as delegates or stakeholders went home with thousands, and millions of naira in your pockets. I quite well understand that the depth of one’s pocket can easily secure him the ticket to be a party flag bearer, but what’s the wisdom of being rich for one day and spending the next four years in poverty and regrets?

Dear party faithfuls, stakeholders, delegates and national working committee, your decision will determine how well the next four years would be. Today, you are the most sought after people by politicians, but have you asked yourself if you would be sought after the primaries, and main election.

Forgive me for coming hard on you, but the candidate you will give ndi Anambra will not only bear our fate but yours as well. Before you pitch tent with any gubernatorial aspirant, please ask yourself what your candidate will do for ndi Anambra; will he be better than the incumbent Governor Willie Obiano? Will he continue his good works, complete ongoing projects or abandon them for white elephant projects? Will he sustain the successes recorded by Governor Obiano, in quality health care, education, security, human capacity developments, jobs creation, infrastructural developments, workers welfare, will he pay them as at when due? What will his policies be like? Will they favor the common man on the streets or just the elites? Will he turn his back at both you and Akpokuedike? Will he start witch-hunting Chief Willie Obiano and his lieutenants? Will he become intoxicated with power and start chasing our illustrious sons out of the state? Will he become a tyrant,unapproachable, stubborn, stingy, “chop alone”,selfish, wicked, arrogant, demigod and “Eze onye agwana mu”? Will he be running after big-yarsh, and ara umuaka anyi, as governance suffers?

Dear APGA faithfuls, I implore you not to sell your conscience for any kind of gratification which is not good governance, but if you must, do not collect peanuts. Remember, an aspirant who pays you at the primary election won’t be accountable to anyone because he has settled you, he paid for your support, and doesn’t owe you anything, going forward. Let’s rally round a candidate who will build the Anambra of our dream. Let’s throw our weight on the credible candidate, let’s give our support to the real man. One who has no godfather, one who has no political baggages, one who will unite our party, bring all the aggrieved members back to the fold. Let’s support the peacemaker, not a troublemaker, not a pompous, arrogant and selfish politician. Don’t be deceived into believing there buckets of lies else you will be disappointed at the last minute.

From the standpoint of the APGA grassroots activists, critical stakeholders, and faith based organizations who had scrutinised the activities of Nze Akachukwu Nwankpo in comparison to the other governorship aspirants in Anambra and have found out that we need a man, that is straightforward, honest, industrious, energetic, knowledgeable, intelligent, proactive, visionary, courageous, tested, trusted, reliable, and credible to add value to Anambra State and re-engineer the creative and entrepreneurial skills of our people at this auspicious moment of back-to-land.

A good governance compliant, Nwankpo, will ensure all the elements of good and creative governance will be used to enhance and unleash growth and development opportunities on Anambra State. Nze Akachukwu Nwankpo is electable and unimpeachable with a rich and robust socio-cultural background, charismatic and influential God-Given Skills, added to a highly developed human and interpersonal skills required for attracting people of value to make the business of development smooth sailing.

My dear Honorable National Working Committee of the APGA. The credibility and authenticity of the primary election all lies in your hand. I will as a matter of fact implore the APGA NWC to as a matter of fact ensure the primary election is free, credible and provision of a smooth level playing ground for all the aspirants.
It may interest you to know that any election that is not free and fair risks negativity in compromising party loyalists, stakeholders and supporters and it encourages sparking further conflict.


Dr. Harris Chuma-Odili FCMsp
Ogene Igbo, Ijiji eji nma achughari, isi okpukpu 1 of Oyi na Omabala. Eze Ogbono Ndigbo.

Writes from Ogbunike Cave

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