Anambra: President Muhammadu Buhari Must Step In Now For History’s Sake

President Buhari

By: Mazi Ejimofor

How it is that the APC has grown into becoming such an anti-democratic monster and everything it ever chided the PDP for is still a sour narrative that would haunt the country in ways we may never imagine.

The dangerous heist that is currently choreographed to foist an APC government on Anambra State may be the last straw that will destroy the foundations of our Nationhood. While I would want to believe that the President is sitting around hawks who continue to exploit the advantage of his office to subvert public will, I am persuaded to doubt that President Buhari is in tune with the unpleasant realities of the time.

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The plot to stand down every major Political Party for the unlawful emergence of an APC candidate at the November 6 polls is akin to willful state sponsorship of anarchy. APGA and the PDP are currently been obfuscated by various degrees of Judicial brigandage. How this pans out will eventually determine if Nigeria under Buhari is ready to thrive.

Let’s hope to wake from this nightmare before it becomes a reality.– Mazi Ejimofor

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