Anti Islam rally: Danish Police arrest 23 people


Danish Police said on Monday that 23 people had been arrested following violent protests over an anti Islam rally earlier.

Out of the 23 arrested on Sunday, six were to face pre-trial detention hearings, Copenhagen police said.

The protests forced Rasmus Paludan, known for his anti-Islamic rhetoric, to leave within minutes the Copenhagen square in which the rally was held.

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Counter-protesters continued to throw stones and other items at police, who deployed tear gas.

The unrest spread to other locations in the Danish capital and several cars and dumpsters were set ablaze.

Paludan, an attorney, has often courted controversy and in 2017 formed a party, Fast Kurs (Hard Line), which calls for a tough stance on refugees and migrants.

He recently appealed a 14-day suspended sentence for racist remarks on YouTube.

Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen and other politicians have criticised Paludan’s actions as “senseless provocation,” while urging protesters to refrain from violence.

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