Any Igbo Man In The Law Enforcement Agencies Fighting Against IPOB Is A Fool


You are a police man, a soldier, or in any of the law enforcement agency and you are from the Southeast (precisely an IGBO), and the Federal government of Nigeria through your high command, gave you an order and said.

Go and kill those IPOB members (people agitating for freedom) in a peaceful way.
Because you want to secure your job, your profession and your career, you don’t want to loose your job, you don’t want want to loose your salary. Then, you followed and obeyed the last command.

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You laid a siege against the freedom fighters, you brutalised them, you killed them. You killed your own people, your blood, your own clan, You obeyed the order at the detriment of your people’s life. Give your self a befitting name, My self I will call you a big FOOL.

Don’t enrich yourself at the detriment of your own people. Don’t be a hero by killing your family, Those that sent you to kill your own people will turn around to call you a fool, They will use you and dump you they can trust you never.

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They can’t trust you because you betrayed your own people, how much more will you betray them? Don’t be fooled, Be your brother’s keeper, Save and protect your people, Don’t kill them for power, money, Or fame.

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