Apga Disqualification Of Chukwuma Umeoji And 4 Others For Anambra State Gubernatoral Primary Election: Least Expected Of A Party With Clear Political Ideology

By Anaso, Obiekwe Edwin

The recent political drama and intrigues playing out from the leading political party in Anambra state can be best described as a fall out of a house divided against itself. As a leading political platform, most of us, the led, expected that APGA ought to have learnt from the downfall of sister political parties in Nigeria but it seems that the players are not good students of history.

On Monday 14th June, the APGA leadership released the result of her gubernatorial screening committee which purportedly disqualified five of the aspirants. Most of the disqualified aspirants are currently elected officers under the APGA platform. Some are members of Anambra State House of assembly while Chukwuma Umeoji is a member of Federal House of Representatives representing Aguata federal constituency.

Their disqualification was tagged ‘not cleared’ in the said committee report. Many has argued that they were not disqualified while my likes believed that they were. The only difference is the use of English Language semantics or a political deceit of self. The choice of understanding is left as a prerogative of the reader.

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However, what is of great concern to me is the rationale Umeoji and co were ‘not cleared’. Insubordination with derogatory remarks! That is far from what is expected of a party that respects her members and the rules of political engagement.

Many of us had made a case that those complaining were beneficiaries of this undemocratic APGA historic saga, that notwithstanding, we must not condone such political rascality in our political system. Such aberration of political process does not make democracy to be the government of the people, by the people and for the people. Such appraisal on the premise of yesterday is good but a better way must be adherence to democratic norms.

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Disqualifying Umeoji and co with a view to intimidate them with the vogue political submission –party is supreme should not even be practised in animal kingdom. I can comfortably say that there are many aspirants that have sound CVs more than those that were disqualified but politics should be negotiation and not by gidigbam gidigbam.

APGA under Oye lacks vision. It lacks integrity! Being branded Igbo political platform, it has given ‘ndi dot’ an ugly name. In an ideal society, the likes of Oye can never climb such political echelon of leadership. But what do you expect when gangsters dominated political space via the instrumentality of weak cum rotten political institutions.

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While we continue to watch as the political drama unfold premise to November 6th, I wish to remind APGA members the Edo experience under the incumbent governor Obaseki. You can also ask PDP how market after 2015 general election.

Pride, they say, kills!

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