APGA Guber Ticket: Nze Akachukwu Nwankpo Will Win Primary Election, Case Closed

By Dr. Harris Chuma-Odili, FCMsp

It is obvious that any credible party who presents Nze Akachukwu Sullivan Nwankpo as its flag bearer in the forthcoming Anambra governorship election 2021 will have it smooth. Oputa Ifeadi as he is popularly known is a good product, going by his antecedents. He has all it takes to become a winner.

Nze Akachukwu Nwankpo Campaign Organization is running a peaceful and issue-based campaign ahead of the APGA primary election. At a point, our campaign train met with that of one of the APGA guber ticket contenders known as “Mr. Option A4”. The Philosopher cum politician merely stopped his team to demonstrate his political maturity. In fact, he told the world that “Consensus Strategy” and or “imposition tactics” of his opponent would be settled based on the party’s constitutional provisions. In fact, he cautioned the political disciples and supporters of Mr. Option A4, advising them not to play God, insisting that “Madu aburo chukwu” God is not man. Nwankpo’s position on the raving issues of “annointed candidate” and or “body language”, earned him profound respect amongst APGA party faithfuls. It attracted accolades from far and wide describing him as a man of honour, and winning more supports.

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The APGA guber ticket will be won because, Nwankpo has no political baggage in Anambra politics. He is loved by both the young and the old, for his generosity and his political diplomacy.
During the campaigns for power to go Southern Anambra, Nwankpo worked assiduously to ensure power is ceded to the South. He galvanised all the traditional, and religious institutions, political leaders of thoughts, elderstatemen, professional bodies and stakeholders. He ensured debates on power rotation favoured Anambra South geopolitical zone.

In all his mobilization, deep consultations exercises, and campaign speeches at different occasions and events, Nwankpo does not engage in mudslinging; he talks about what he has going for him and what he intends to do for the people. At one of such events held at the Prof Dora Akunyili Women Development Center, Awka, he said: “ I love APGA, I’m investing in the party because I don’t want the party to die. I believe that party is supreme. I’m going into this primary election with one thing in mind. If the party decides that I am not good enough to be the flag bearer and give to another person, and the process leading to the action is adjudged transparent and credible, I will congratulate the winner, and work with the party to win the main election. I have empowered many people in my own capacity as individual and I think I can do more if they allow me.”

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Observers say he is a successful businessman and a public-spirited individual. Nwankpo has this to say about his involvement in politics: “I’m looking for a new and challenging call to publicly serve and give back to the society that shaped me; one that will allow me to make the best use of my existing skills and wealth of experience in managing people and executing projects that would be to the best of the people”.

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Nze Nwankpo had held political offices as Special Adviser to late President Umaru Yaradua, and Senior Special Assistant to former President Dr. Goodluck Jonathan. He has proved that he has the capacity to show concern about the less privileged. He has touched the lives of people in diverse ways. His scholarship scheme is bold, as over a thousand students are beneficiaries. Nwankpo also doled out scholarships to outstanding students from high schools in Anambra state, and committed a lot of money to the empowerment of less privileged youths and elderly people in the society. He sank boreholes at various communities in Anambra State. He procured medical equipment and dispensing of medication to the aged. He sponsored a medical team from the United States of America to help the people overcome their health challenges.

Belonging to a credible political platform is very important for any ambitious politician. Nwankpo is in a credible party; he is a future governor. He has the potentials of winning.

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