As EFCC Resumes Probe Into Tinubu’s Case, He Should Sacrifice These Two Things

Tinubu's Case

The Economic and Financial Crime Commission, EFCC is back on the case of former Lagos Governor and National Leader of the All Progress Congress, Asiwaju Bola Hamed Tinubu. The resumption of his case is coming about four years after it was temporarily rested by the code of criminal tribunal.

Before now, Nigerians have gone to sleep over the case believing that Tinubu is cleared and let off the hook. But with the new sheriff in town in person of Bawa, the new EFCC chairman, Tinubu appears to have got his hand in fire this time around.
The commission has requested in a letter to the Code of Conduct Bureau of the asset declaration form of the former Governor. According to the copy of the letter which was ontained by an online news platform, People Gazette, the investigation into Tinubu’s asset declaration actually began last year after the exit of the former EFCC chairman, Ibrahim Magu.

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Perhaps,Magu was the big masquerade who had been preventing the case from being exhumed and dusted for investigation all along. With the recent developments, the Jagaba of Borgu may be looking forward to sacrifice two things on the alter of this probe.

The first thing Tinubu should forget is his 2023 presidential ambition. Like they say, there can not be smoke without fire. For the case to have been dug up at this time shows that he must have stepped on some powerful toes in the course of his move to realize his ambition.

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Politics for 2023 has begun in full blown and with the permutation and combination that are being speculated in the public, Tinubu is not in calculation. Yet, he is damn serious about the course.
Hence, the powerful men in the party might have believed the only way to pocket the former Lagos Governor is to get the EFCC back to work over his asset declaration which seems to have been forgotten before now.

The second things Tinubu will have to sacrifice is his relevance in the party and the current administration. Of course, he is the National Leader of the party, but in the last one year or so, it will be safe to conclude that Tinubu has been existing as a ceremonial National leader of APC.

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The northern elites and some disgruntled politicians from the South have picked a hole in Tinubu’s ambition, his domineering tendency and are ready to scuttle it. This will be the perfect opportunity to get him out of way and render him irrelevant in the party.

For a man like him to have been tried for corruption in less than two years to the presidential election he is contesting, shows that something is definitely fishy.

This trial will definitely bring his relevance under threat in APC and consequently mark the end of his 2023 presidential ambition.

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